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New Item

"What's New?" and "Meet Me" Sections

by rocabear on ‎09-30-2011 07:20 AM

Please give us the option to choose whichever Sexual Orientation, Relationship Status, Ethnicity, and Interested In on What's New and Meet Me like we do in Search. Please, Please, Pretty Please?

On Photos

Status: In Review
by Miele on ‎10-01-2011 02:09 PM

Would it be possible to create albums in Tagged? I want all my pics to be organized according to their dates. Plus it will use less space in the page if we only have albums.Thanks Smiley Wink Then could we also customize the settings as to who could view our photos?

Status: In Review



I'm really sick of all fakes, scammers and stuff. I'm getting about 5-10 messages from fake profiles A DAY, mostly often from "girls" with one nude picture and asking if we could cam on random porno camsites. 5-10 A DAY!!! I'm so sick of it!


So, here is my idea. I'm from Sweden and almost every Swedish social sites do have "real profile confirmation".


First, you should only have one nickname that could only have letters a-z and the normal character, dot . Hyphen - and underline _ and numbers 0-9. It's should be impossible for more then one profile to have the same nickname. Every one need to have a unique nickname.


Second, you need to take a picture of yourself with your face in focus and you should hold a piece of paper that says the nickname. If the picture is not good enough the picture will be denied and you need to send another one that is better.


In this topic I will call the picture for Picture X.


Third, upload the Picture X to Tagged admins/support and they will inspect the picture. If it's the same person at the confirmation picture and the rest of the pictures that is uploaded at the profile, Tagged will promote you with a "Profile verified" (or something like that) tag in the profile. You can also choice if you want to upload the Picture X to show in public (make every one to see it) or have it as private.

Fourth, If you regret your nickname you must send a message to Support and tell them that you want to change your nickname. Then the Support will change it. For your own best you could take a new Picture X of yourself that Tagged can inspect and confirm.

Fifth, you should have the opportunity to change the profile settings so only verified profiles can see your profile, send messages, comment pictures and so on. You should also have the opportunity to change the settings at Meet Me so you can only Meet and Match verified profiles, also make it impossible for unverified profile to Meet you/click "Yes".

This should be FREE, no payment.


Because of that every account need a unique nickname, many would be busy for new members therefore Tagged can inactivate inactive profiles that have not been active in about a year, or nearby. In that way some nicknames would stand easy. If the inactive profile gets active again the account need to choice a new nickname if the first nickname have been taken while the profile was inactive.


Unverified profiles that is active and gets many reports for being fakes should make Tagged to have the possibility to force the unverified profile to send a Picture X that can be confirmed as real by Tagged. The profile should have a deadline to send Picture X to Tagged for confirmation, about 4-7 days, otherwise the account will be deleted. This will also save nicknames.


Account should still have the possibility to stay anonymous, but if the profile gets reports for containing pictures of someone else/being fake the consequences above will be applied.


If a verified profile have the Picture X showed for public there should be impossible to right-click and select "save picture as". This will make "stalkers" who is stealing pictures from a verified profile from getting verified themselves.

The Picture X can only be confirmed once. All Picture X should be saved in a database only Tagged "employees" can reach.

This can be good for:

1. If a verified profile changes nickname.
2. A stalker changes nickname to the nickname the verified profiles had before. The stalker uses Print Screen and tries to use the confirmed Picture X that have already been confirmed.


The hole idea I have written here will take time to accomplish. But I promise it will be worth it!
This will attract new people to Tagged and make them stay longer. It will be much funnier, because you don't need to worry if you talk to someone is fake or not.

This "picture confirmation" is  applied in almost in every Swedish socialsites and always works!

Best Regards


I may add things and edit.


Hide Profile option

by Amber on ‎10-01-2011 04:34 PM

I daresay this has been asked before.. But please will Tagged think of giving an option of hiding their profile.

This will help when a Tagger is away on Holiday..or simply needs a short break.. 

This option may save time and energy on both sides.. as deleting an account 9 times out of 10.. they come back, but have to use a new e-mail...

Think of all those old e-mails addresses..not being used.Redundant space. 

Thanks :-) 

Blocked members

Status: Under Consideration
by Jemaaa on ‎05-16-2012 11:51 AM
When you block someone you need to not be able to see their status' and updates on the news feed! Cos I'm sick of seeing fakes or idiots who I've blocked but still see what they're up to. And get rid if the fake pictures!

I think Tagged should verify all photos so that the profiles are real. Here are way to many fake people on here and way to many people with fake photos. This is wrong and very bad. By allowing people to have fake profile Tagged is encouraging criminal activity of all sorts.



Customize Contact Privacy

Status: Under Consideration
by Lawmachine on ‎12-27-2012 08:48 PM

It would be really good if you could change privacy settings for the different ways of contact...

ie. Everyone for friend requests & photo viewing, Country/State for messages and Friends for profile comments.


Also.. an option to delete all friends in the account settings.. 

You should be able to narrow your results more than just age and sex.

Limit viewers on pics

Status: Under Consideration
by Pegz on ‎05-12-2013 08:51 AM

Tagged should have an option of person who we would like to have access to our pics, that should be included in the privacy options

hi tagged,

I am constantly being plagued by fake profiles (usually profiles with a picture of a women between 22 and 27 years old) trying to get me on a webcam site!

I know they are bots because they always use exactly the same lines!

I would appreciated if Tagged did something about this!

I have an idea for this! 

Maybe if you ask someone to verify him/herself via a facebook profile before signing up, it would be much harder to make a fake profile! This way someone can not simply make an unlimited amount of fake accounts, but just one, connected to his/her facebook account.

again, I would really appreciated if you guys do something about this!

- Hessel

About blocking profiles.

Status: Under Consideration
by hyperlogic on ‎07-27-2012 05:01 AM

I apologise if i'm double posting, when you delete someone can you please make it so there account is blocked and not just the name?


See i'm blocking people and as soon as they change there name they reapear and this is becoming extremely annoying.. If this is a bug please fix.. If it's meant to be like this can you please change the blocking feature so that it blocks the person not just the "name they have" ... 

Eliminate entire geographic locations

Status: In Review
by Ekaterina on ‎10-05-2011 08:15 AM

I indicate on my profile that I have a BF and don't want to meet more men. I really have no interest in meeting 100 new men a day. But I still get sooooooo many messages and friend requests, primarily from the middle east and north Africa. They ignore my wishes and waste a lot of time every day to block and delete them. Would it be possible to let members to block contact from specific countries (Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Lybia, Morroco, Syria, Algeria, etc.) Thank you for consider this

'Block' improvements.

by crystaltaylor23 on ‎09-29-2011 10:21 PM - last edited on ‎10-01-2011 03:27 PM by Admin

Your "Block" feature, blows!!! Seriously. I dont think its fair that I should have to make my profile completely private due to one teapot that is annoying/harrassing me. This is a social site. Closing my profile from ppl to view defeats the purpose doesnt it? Simple solution, upgrade the block feature so that I can block that mofo from ever contacting me again in any way!!! I think this is more important than these other requests such as bringing back IM, and it should be looked into asap. Thanks.



I am not trying to be racist or anything, but it would be nice to really refine searches,and allowed to contact. I only suggest this because I along with I am sure countless other people have preferences and have had issues with unwanted contact. This reduces that problem as well as the issue of being verbally harassed (violently) continuously. I know that it would be a major code re write and there for  a lot of hours, But I honestly think that giving those options would be greatly appreciated. 


Status: Under Consideration
by Dewey Decimal BundyGil on ‎08-16-2012 05:20 AM

Tagged is being increasingly infested by scammers using very attractive stolen pics of celebrities, B grade movie  actors, and  porn site actors to set up dodgy accounts to suck naive people into sending them money or to provide an avenue to for 3rd world scammers to immigrate to a first world country by being involved 'romantically' until permanent residency is granted when they disappear.

These profiles are not hard to spot for the wary as they tend to follow certain formulas. It wouldn't be very hard for Tagged IT people to set up algorithms to highlight these sorts of profiles for further investigation and removal before they start their nefarious activities using tools like Google image search where their stolen pics are soon highlighted.

I've been doing this investigation and removal myself for scammers contacting me using google image search to find these stolen pics which show for certain a dodgy profile, I think Tagged should do it themselves to protect the people using their site and the Tagged reputation which is taking a very bad battering amongst users due to the rapidly increasing activities of these scammers.

Age Filter

Status: Under Consideration
by O1G on ‎05-12-2012 10:08 AM

I really think Tagged users will benefit greatly if there is a age/gender/sexuality filter. You set the bar to who you want contacting you. I will be 23 on May 27 and I rather prefer men around 25 to 28 to contact me. I don't want 18yr olds and men past 40 to friend request me or send me messages. There are kids younger than 18 pretending to be 19-22 so I would rather not be caught in their childish games.

A few ideas.

Status: Under Consideration
by SophieJinx on ‎03-14-2012 04:09 AM
<script type="text/javascript" src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js"></script>

I have some ideas for Tagged, that could work fine. It will keep your users happy.


The Age Limit - Strangers and Family

We all know it: You are a really beautiful girl, or a really handsome guy, you get many requests, most of them are people around your own age. But then, someone around the 50 wants to add you. It's not a big problem, though, if they only want to chat with you like they should around that age.

But, sometimes they don't. They are posting things on your photos what you actually wouldn't expect from someone around that age. I don't accept the requests from people around that age to be my friend, but not everyone is the same, so there will be girls/guys who accepts them, and then they get comments like "I want to do something naughty with you" on their photos and/or in their inbox.(to keep it professional, I've put it in the way like this. In reality, it's different).


  • Strangers: Strangers from above the 40 can't see you in the "Meet Me", they can't see your profile, they can't send you requests when you are under the age of 20. For people under the 16, people from above the 30 can't send you anything either, and can't see your profile as well.
  • Family: People who are family can see your profile, and can send you requests no matter their age. But, before they have permission to see your profile and send anything, you have to confirm that they are family. This option will only be visible when your surname matches with them. Tagged will ask you if they are family of you. Then, it will look like this:
    The "Remind for (name") option is for those who are keep adding you. So this will prevent them from spamming. When you click on "Yes", this person will be allowed to see your profile, and send you requests.
  • Also, there are of course people who like to talk with people from above the 30-40 and like those comments. So, that comes to the next point: They can turn the Age Limit on and off at the Privacy settings.
    There should be a dropbox that will say "Age Limit" with the options "On" and "Off" with a few description of what it means.

This is just a different way of Private Profiles, nothing difficult if you ask me.




Relationship Status Version 2012

When you are on Tagged, and you met someone really cute, and then you two decide to be together as a couple. Now, you can only change your "Relationship status" to "In a relationship", but you can't actually be "together" on Tagged, as it works on Facebook, I think they should make it here as well. Relationship Status Version 2012 will get an update from the way it works now.


  • In a relationship changes into In a relationship with [link (name) profile].
    (With this, I mean that their name will be a link to their profile.)
  • Married changes into Married with [link (name) profile].
  • Dating changes into Dating with[link (name) profile].
  • This person has to be in your friends list, or else you can't add their name into your relationship status.
  • This person has to approve it first, before it will be shown. If not then, it will just show their latest relationship status. So, when it changes into "Married with Sophie Martinez" from "Single", and I reject this request, it will just show on their page "Single". Since this is their latest relationship status.




Change the Banned Content

When you try to post a link, to for example an image, Tagged will say that it contains banned content.

Here is my idea for this:


  • When you post a link, allow it. But, let people show a warning that they are about to leave Tagged for the link they clicked on, with a preview as image to let them show where they'll be directed to. This prevents from people giving links to shock sites without people knowing it is a shock site. Don't allow third-party url shorteners, but let them use the Tagged url shortener service so you can show a preview to the people who clicked on the link. This will also prevent from people giving fake urls to shock sites to prevent Tagged showing a preview.
  • When you may add HTML to your page, let people have the option to use the basic HTML. (Images, and that kind of things). This will also prevent the website makers from making dangerous stuff that will infect your computer, or showing websites which leads to shock sites since they only can use the basic.



Mutual Friends


Many people are searching for friends on Tagged, but they can't find them because they don't know their profile.
So, how would it be if you could allow the Schools and College option for users outside the U.S. and let your mutual friends show the people listed on it, that are based on the schools and college you filled in.




Customize your own privacy settings


There might be a few people who wants to customize their privacy settings to their own desires.

So, let us have to option "Custom" where we need to set the options for the privacy settings as we want it to be.



I hope to see that Tagged will do something with this, it could work pretty good.

Also, Users of Tagged, feel free to post your questions about an idea I listed here if you're not sure how it works.

I will explain it to you then.



Have a nice day,



Massive blocking

Status: Under Consideration
by bonnieandrainer on ‎01-18-2012 05:33 PM

Does anybody know why "TAGGED" will not allow the people to block whole countries or continents,,,,i am tired of,,,,,, these guys from Tunisia ,,,,Algiers,,,, hitting on me,,,hoping for a green card,,,what losers they are,,,,

Age Filter

Status: Under Consideration
by numero on ‎12-21-2011 07:58 AM

It would be nice if you had a feature that would allow you to control who contacts you by email and comments....


Example:  33-50 age range only


I'm 43 and I'm tired of being contacted by 18-26 year asking me out.



Tagged please work on this filter feature!








Mutual Friends

Status: Under Consideration
by cjaeger5568 on ‎12-18-2011 08:31 AM

I think it would be a great idea to add Mutual friends to friend requests. A lot of profiles are private and if it showed mutual friends it would make your decision to accept or not a little easier before giving them access to your page.


Status: In Review
by kevonlucas on ‎10-14-2011 05:35 AM

I have an idea. Can you make the privacy of who views your photos instead of you having to make your whole profile private?  

Dear Tagged,


      Can you please have it to where if I block someone I don't see them in the What's New section as well? I don't know if this is a bug or what but I'd rather not see my blocked users face pop up every time they updated their status. My only options with this is to ask them personally to block me or change the age range but then I'll be missing out on other people their age.   




Block Users

Status: Under Consideration
by Toxic_Nvidia on ‎05-11-2012 07:31 PM

Like all social networking sites, Tagged needs a stronger blocking utility to make sure people are unable to connect with you, as we are all aware cyber bullying is a serious, silent and not to mention deadly crime, among other members on tagged nearly every day I'm among thousands that gets cyber bullied, using tagged has made me feel very vulnerable due to the privacy and blocking content that is not of adequate standards to facebook and other social networking sites, a stronger and more user friend blocking utility must be implemented to keep users safe and feeling less vulnerable on the internet.


General fact:3500 people in Australia alone die from suicide, we don't want to raise this number by the poor security on our social networking sites, everyone has the right to feel safe and like they are being listened too


Status: Under Consideration
by lexijames132 on ‎05-08-2012 06:39 PM

i feel if you block someone they should not be able to find you on pets or should be like these other sites if you block the user you have a reason but they can find you on pets and stalk you there...some of us women have been abused by some and now they and their new mate wants to follow you around pets to stalk to you on all the profiles they make can you all consider when someone is blocked they can not locate you in pets or any other game you may play...

Age range for messages

Status: Under Consideration
by Tori1990 on ‎05-01-2012 09:52 AM


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