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New Item


Status: Investigating
by hmhgmgmgmhg on ‎01-19-2013 09:08 AM

Hi there, i cant hire waiters, when i try to hire i get a "Sorry we're having........please refresh and we'll try again..." error, what's to do? Thanks!

Cafe and rehiring and hiring waiters

Status: Resolving
by SheilaM on ‎02-18-2012 07:56 AM

I and at least a few others are unable to rehire and hire waiters.  I tried several hours ago and now again.  Before the levels changed I did not have the problem.  A friend of mine is not experiencing the issue but I am hoping it is not my computer bc another poster in the forums is also unable to hire and rehire on any computer.  Please look into this and fix it bc it is not fair for us not to be able to keep up with our waiters.

Status: Resolving

Can't even get into Cafe

Status: Investigating
by SheilaM on ‎08-02-2012 08:52 PM

I am not the only one experiencing the problem of getting into my cafe, other players cannot get into theirs either.  I have tried at least 3x and get the same thing, sorry we are having problems, refresh and we will try again.  I did that and still cannot get into it.  We need to be able to get into our cafes to work them and hire waiters. 

a topiary goal

Status: Fixed
by roccojibraltar ‎01-18-2012 10:35 PM - edited ‎01-23-2012 03:39 PM

i just got a goal of putting a ONE sphere, formal french topiary in my café.  anyone who's ever looked at my profile knows that one-ball topiaries have been part and parcel of my café, right from the get-go.

Man Happy


i accepted the goal, though, because: 1) i already had a crapton of 1-ball topiaries in my café; 2) the outcome of #1 should have been an instant completion of the goal; 3) completing it was worth an instacook, and that can be very valuable.

Man Very Happy


well, as it turns out, it was much more valuable than i had expected!


after i accepted this goal, i expected to be greeted by the tumultuous cheers from the crowd, instantaneously!  i was not.

Man Surprised


so, i checked the goal.  it said i only had 1/4 of the requisite "1 sphere" topiaries in my café.  hmmm...  the only topiary i only had one of was a THREE-ball topiary [which i think i got as a reward from some earlier goal.] 


being the inquisitive type, i went ahead and removed four 1-balls from my café and then put them back, just to make sure.  nope.  still no dice.  :/

Man Frustrated


so, casting all logic to the wind, i went ahead and bought a new, THREE-ball topiary for the 15,000 that they cost, [as opposed to the measly 750 that a 1-ball costs] and put it in my café.

Man Mad


and this wasn't just any, old, three-ball topiary I'm talking about, no sir!  this is the TAPERED, three-ball topiary!


well ladies and germs, lo and behold, yes, virginia, there is a glitch!  when i clicked on the goal again, to see if it had updated, it had, indeed done so.  it now showed that i had 2/4 of the required plants in my café.


so i went ahead and bought two more  TAPERED,THREE-ball topiaries, put them in my café, clicked DONE, and whoo-hoo!  i got cheered and, more importantly, a free instacook.


so, either when the goal says  that you need 1-ball topiaries, it's a misprint, and you really need three -ball ones.


or else having to buy 3-ball topiaries to fulfill this goal is a glitch, AND SOMEBODY OWES ME 45,000 CHIPS THAT I HAD TO SPEND, WHEN I ALREADY HAD THE REQUESTED PIECES IN MY CAFÉ TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!


either way, though, something's not right.


rocco jibraltar



if you, too, are experiencing this problem, and you have read this and applied my workaround, please remember to CLICK THE KUDOS BUTTON!  not so i get the kudos, but so the problem gets the attention!  the more kudoses a post gets, the better the chance of someone fixing it. - thanks, r j

Status: Fixed

Can't hire waiters

Status: Investigating
by SheilaM on ‎01-17-2013 03:24 PM

Everytime I try to hire a waiter at first it starts loading then gives me the message about refreshing and no matter how long I wait or many times I refresh it still does the same thing over and over.  How am I supposed to hire waiters?

WTF is wrong with the cafe?

Status: Investigating
by tshea215 on ‎06-28-2012 06:53 PM

It's been progressively getting worse for a while and now it wont even open up

It has been well over 3 weeks since Cafe Players have been unable to hire the last (or more) waiters once the old waiter's time has expired.


Several people have posted in the forums, but Tagged never seems to respond, nor does it seem that they are making any effort to get the game FIXED.


What is the problem???


When is TAGGED going to acknowledge the issue and get the game developers to fix the issue.


To be clear, if you have 6 waiters, and 1 or more waiters' tme ends, the player is unable to hire new waiters. Instead, the game begins to open the waiter list for hire, but the "refresh" button appears and you have to start the game over again.


The only time I personally have been able to rehire is if I keep the game open for about 30 minutes or an hour, without leaving the page or tab, then OCCASIONALLY I've been able to hire a waiter.


This is unacceptable.




by crankinon on ‎10-04-2011 10:14 AM

This feature is ruining our Cafe!  It pops up constantly and prevents us from serving and cooking our food because the pop up freezes the page so we have to refresh at least 5-7 times in order to accomplish our normal Cafe tasks. 

Plus, it doesn't even work like it says it's supposed to!  Example:  It offers to provide me an award if I cook let's say 83 dishes of a certain item.....ok, so each cooker of that item cooks 50 I select two cookers!  Well...NOT TRUE....Even though the instructions say "Dishes" the amount actually means "Cookers"....83 COOKERS TO GET ONE AWARD 

 Pick a Goal is Aweful ......


......REALLY, no one in their intelligent mind would even bother with such a thing! Smiley Mad


AND, to add insult to injury, there is no "OPT OUT" button so we're stuck with it!




Status: Investigating
by martini on ‎02-18-2012 09:27 PM

Can not hire waiters, it shows people but then it shows 0 amounts to hire.  when I click on a box and the hire nothing happens.  help please

Refresh in Hire feature

Status: Investigating
by Mickey-Mouse on ‎01-17-2013 08:27 AM

Every time I use the hire a waiter feature the REFRESH pop-up occurs.  I refresh the page over and over and still cannot hire a waiter.  Now, my score will not increase as greatly because I have an open waiter position.

No Hiring

Status: Investigating
by eyetravel22 on ‎02-18-2012 07:29 AM

We cannot hire Cafe Players with Level 102 or higher!

Will Tagged be fixing this BIG PROBLEM?  Or, does Tagged not want high level cafe players to be waiters?

Sick and Tired of this!

Status: Investigating
by dawnlin on ‎06-16-2012 09:55 AM

i have posted and posted a comment on this, and it's still not fixed.  I have played Cafe now for over 2 years.  During the past 8 months, there has NEVER been a day that i have not played Cafe.  However, each time I get hired as a waiter or waitress for someone else, my DAILY BONUS resets itself and I have to start all over again.  This happens every two to three days, and I am over the top with fury.  If you check my stats, you will see that I always have hired waiters and waitresses and I always have food on the serving area.  Yet, I have to give up "Instant Cook" over and over and over again.  I would say that there was one time, and one time only that I was able to go for 28 days with my daily bonus running almost properly.  Now, I almost get to an "instant bonus" and check on it the following day to find that it's starting over at the beginning with the day's before action totally overlook and I received NO CREDIT whatsoever.  I am on a daily basis telling myself that I am going to delete myself from tagged and I send another post to see if you will help.  I can't count the amount of "Instant Cook" redemptions I have had stolen from me for the past few months.  Its disgusting.  Don't you have computer geniuses that can get this fixed?  If not, why?  I fully expect to receive a response and credit given where credit is due.  Check my waiters and my totals for Cafe.  How do you think I achieved those totals without doing anything?  I did my daily Cafe like the game insists.  Now give me my Instant Cooks back for the past few months.  Dawnlin

Took all my cooked food!

Status: Investigating
by sandy1220 on ‎06-22-2012 10:58 PM

Geez u guys what's it gonna take for u to get it together? a few months ago u reset my daily login after 10 consecutive months..Yesterday u cleaned out ALL my cooked food on my servers..I had 4 & 5K on most of

them..The site never works & it's not gettin better it's getting worse.. U can't find waiters because no one plays anymore the game's so messed up I'll soon be joining them.. fix it the games stop taking our hard work, loyalties, & profits..I don't want ur give aways just give me what i earned & stop stealing from me..

I'm not stupid.

I have logged in EVERY DAY, and even seen the days say "DAY 7" or "Day 108"

but the NEXT DAY I log in, I'm back on DAY 1 or DAY 2.


Once again, Tagged / Cafe is cheating.

Its to the point everyone should just leave Tagged and go to Facebook even though I don't care for facebook.


Status: Investigating
by MelCollins on ‎08-08-2012 09:36 AM

I'm not sure if I'm the only one but none of my games work...still.

Tagged Cafe

Status: Investigating
by sulkydarkside on ‎08-07-2012 04:28 AM

I have not been able to access my cafe since Saturday.

I have tried a number of different things..

It still says we are experiencing problems.

this is day four.


Status: Investigating
by Carra on ‎11-24-2011 05:41 PM

Logging into pets, Cafe, and sorierty life all have glitches .. i have more rotten food because the pages wont open .. and latey pets is wiggin out ... !!!  and sority life is down more than it is running .. I have a new computer so its not my PC .. these need fixed or some form of compensation needs to be made to those of us who are ACTIVE and get on tagged 2 or more times a day ... !!!

smileymad: I don't understand what is going on... I have for the past few days tried to get into my cafe. Just as it's loading.. the famous "Sorry We're Having Problems.. Please Click Refresh and Try Again". So I click refresh.. and it doesn't even "Refresh". I also have been having the invisible waitress or waiter. However.. now I am just annoyed at this whole thing of not being able to get back in at all... plus the refresh button is Really? It's really the only game that I enjoy playing on here... because "Pets" is boring... don't understand it, and I don't like buying people as if they were pets. However.. Cooking is my thing... a hobbie. I've sent in a complaint.. and they send me here ... Why? I have no clue... because the answer to the problem is not here. I can't stress enough how annoying this truly is... however as they say... patience is a virtue. Want to know what I really think about that? Nevermind... a lady never goes Tagged please get this glitch fixed... I want to play my cafe. Thank You.....


Status: Investigating
by earlylean on ‎08-11-2012 05:38 PM

Why some can play and some can't???????

Caffe Application not starting!

Status: Investigating
by lizdube on ‎05-02-2012 12:14 PM

The Cafe application will not start and hasen't started in almost 2 days. I'm getting very frustrated as others are telling me that they can access their cafe and mine from other parts of the USA. Please help,

Afer being forced to complete goals, I completed the goal for a new serving table. However, when I went to my storage to retrieve it for yet ANOTHER forced goal, I'm told I'm restricted to 12 tables.  The goal was in place, I completed it and I'd like my table.  The settings need to be changed to accomodate all of what YOU create.


Thank you,
Mina (User name which I had to recreate for the 4th time on this dang idea site)

on quite a few occasions i have had all of my serving tables completely full with tens of thousands of much so that I have stopped cooking anything new until it goes down some more...I did this intentionally...but at least 4 times I have logged in to find all the serving tables completely empty!  that is just impossible!!!  it happened again yesterday and I then have to use gold to instant cook so they will not remain empty.  Please fix this asap!  I seem to be wasting a lot of time and money because of this!!


Also this app just does not work well on Firefox takes Dorever to do anything and keeps getting stuck!  I have to keep refreshing over and over.  Works great in IE, but all the other games on Tagged work better in Firefox and it's a pain to keep going back and forth

Having serious problems in Cafe.... The game becomes stuck and freezes, but there is still movement among the chef & waiters, when I click on Daily Bonus or try to collect tips, Or hire new waiters, I have to right click on my mouse & scroll down to Inspect Element(Q) in order to get things moving, otherwise I have to refresh each time, it has become a task just to play... Playing is not enjoyable as was when I first started......... Was told there is a bug, but how long does it take to fix!!!!.... This has been happening over 3 weeks...... SMH

Cafe: Bugs and issues

Status: Investigating
by Super Sorter Aanta on ‎10-12-2011 05:21 AM

Hired waiters!


First off, the timer for hired waiters is completely erratic. Right now I have a waiter lets call her "Miss A" that have been hired for quite some time. Last time I did renew her it was for the full 3 days. She now list as 2 days and 1 hour remaining. About a full day after I rehired "Miss A" I did find "Mr B" and hired him and his buddy "Mr C" for 3 days. But right now as we speak and right now the information show as it remains 1 day 11 hours!! Yes the clock and timer for waiters are completely on the blink! And since the menus to scroll for other waiters are so slow and difficult to open properly right now this one gets a: Extremely high priority for a fix: Solution please asap! ________________________________________________________________________


Suggestion to a related problem.


I lost all but a waiters due to this bug, but for some reason one popped up as available when I were preparing a cooking for one of the achievements. So happily I clicked him, only to see it was hired already? Something need to be done about this one - but I have no clear suggestion how it should be solved. Perhaps a 1 hour timer for the previous owner to buy back before the waiter become available to the open market? Something to consider I guess.



Clock and timer revisited!


Also the clock and timer for the daily bonus are broken. I visited Cafe near midnight (local time) one day, and got the daily bonus. When I visited about 7 hours later it had reset and and got the bonus for day 1. Er hello, how that's even possible? No of course it is not, unless the clock of the game is completely broken! This is not such as issue that completely breaks the game so I assign this a: Fix soon please! ________________________________________________________________________


Ability to remove uncooked food

(...or cooked food without a space on serving table.)

And not to mention the ability to terminate food on stoves! I have been boggled down with food that have not started to get cooking due to these lag issues with Cafe. You click everything but when you come back one or 4 hours later, you find that some of it not even have gotten started!!! So lets say I did 4 hour pizzas in the afternoon but now its evening so I need a 12 hours one - but I am blocked and not able to remove the not started 4 hours cooking on the stoves! Needs a fix soon!





Yes the graphics are on the blink also! On my laptop I am completely unable to access the panel at right. Cafe appears as a square and not even choosing full screen makes it possible to scroll for new items to add to the cafe or even adjust the sound controls. My laptop is not an old one with odd resolution but a new one with Led screen that runs on 1600 * 900. Please address this graphic issue soon! ________________________________________________________________________



Our waiters are so completely lost and unable to serve a single dish that most players choose to build a wall around them so they will not fail to deliver the food. Or not serve certain customers at all. Have needed a fix since day one - so it is time to get a clue?



Toggle active graphic off.

Cafe takes quite some computer power and it is quite less than a pleasure trying do something else with cafe in the background, and sadly we have to run it so due to the lag issues. Needed, and should not be hard to implement. So please make this update! ________________________________________________________________________


Rewamping of the menus

This one is urgently needed! To open the menu to find lets say waiters from my own country that are over level 40 in the game is hard. In fact they menus are near inoperable. This need to be addressed asap! Ok thats my little list, lets hear what you guys think. =)


Status: Investigating
by ondost on ‎05-06-2012 03:34 PM

After logging on to Cafe for over 108 days in a row, my cafe has been reset to the very beginning. I also had an instant cook that I did not use and when my cafe reset itself, my instant cook was no longer available for my use. I am still at the same level and have the same amount of money so why are certain things not the same but others are? I reported this a few days ago and I'm till waiting for a reply to my ticket. Please help as I do have customers waiting to eat!!!! Lol

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