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how can i encourage people to buy me?

this pets game seems a bit dead.. not many people buying or selling. how do i encourage people to buy me?

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Re: how can i encourage people to buy me?

if it helps im Laurence H on tagged... not that you can search for any names it just happens...

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Re: how can i encourage people to buy me?

What a great question Pondy 16.


I have been playing pets at Tagged entering into my 4th year.  I am at Level 928.  Maybe I can give you a heads up on what I look for when I select a pet.



1.  For quick cash and to attract new traffic to my pets page.

I use the browse pets option to search for online pets with a value of up to 50billion.  They must be female with a 'hot' picture (no porno..can't stand it).  I buy these little online pets to keep active.  But really what I'm also looking for is another female buyer around the 1-2Quad with great picture (in todays market price).  She must always have her owners name within her title.  I snap those pets up quick and within no more than half hour she's gone off my page again. 


2.  For short to medium term pets who buy my pets from time to time.

I use the same facility but this time I am looking for a male pet from 2-6Quad, cash over value, high assets, real picture and preferably with his owners name.  They are the one's that usually buy all my female pretty pets.  And guys don't seem to mind taking female pets if they are online, one hour old or three months old as long as she has a pretty profile picture.


3.  For long term pets

I look at who takes the male pets.  Why?  Because I know the bigger players think exactly like me who want to restock with good pets they know will re-sell and these are the buyers that usually have abit more experience than newer players...and they are here to stay and play almost everyday.  Those are the players I like to have long term on my page.


4.  Buy Gold and get your owner or a friend to raise you if you take a pet/pets from them in exchange.

This is self explanatory.



I know these strategies are working for me and can work for you as well (and there are many more strategies these are just my most popular).  I know they work because I have been gaining 8 friends request minimum per day and my wishlist is forever increasing plus my value is rising slowly but steadily every week.


I've also joined groups and also participate in the occasional runs to widen my networks and meet new friends.  This is important as there are so many scammers with fake profiles.  However there are many great players hidden behind what looks like a fake profile so you must learn to discern which is which and this takes time, experience, observation and as much informed knowledge as possible.


I hope these strategies help you and wish you all the best in your game play.







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Re: how can i encourage people to buy me?

thank you.

and the one who asked and the one who gave the solution.