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dead pets

I know there was a lot of abuse by cheaters a few years ago when tagged re embursed players with cash over dead pets...but now that they have introduced asset rankings I think you should be able to set dead pets free and still retain asset value...

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Re: dead pets

you are so damm right and what people do not know is when you join you do not know what a dead pet is like myself now i do but its really not far to those that are new i am getting mine off slowly and when i tell my friends to not buy them if they just keep doing it then i let them have the dead pets and thats not  unfair play when you tell them and they do not listen but i think the fair thing to do is let the dead pest go and allow us the real players to keep there assets. thank you all and Merry Christmas to all

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Re: dead pets

If tagged reimbursed players for dead pets then I could make tons of big pets an make lots of profit off them an then let the pet I made to flip to make lots of assets off of turn to a dead pet an then get reimbursed by tagged an never lose cash an always makin profit from flipping fake profiles I made. Do you realize how many people would do this? It would ruin the game.
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Re: dead pets

Ok nice idea . But .  Players figer out any new loop hole to make cash .   being able to set free a ghosted pet to be refunded would have players buying ghosted pets flipping them up and setting them free to get more cash ,


So i do not see tag doing that .   they can not open new ways to gain cash dishonestly .



if anyone remembers the achievements loop hole ,  where you got cash for achevements . and tons of people made pets just to get the cash for the achievement .

I was here when that happend and was recuited to make profiles for raises ,


so you see tag will not do anything that can be abused in such a way .they already have there hands full of maintaining the way the game is played now . We have enough underhanded moves on tag

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Re: dead pets



Both of the things you have mentioned Tagged used to do ages ago and as you correctly claim it was abused people ran pets up in groups,    Ghosted them and made a killing when Tagged reimbursed them.



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Re: dead pets

I would say allow set free but no profits to be made by anyone, so like a reversal of the previous buy- but only available to the pet that was bought like an NB. For the owner of a ghost, probably the best way is to have Tagged buy ghost off people like they do now, but only low value ones, to make abuse impractical. Possibly they could go one better than the moment and buy pets with higher value than the current upper limit whatever that is. That cap should probably go up as everything else does.