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Dead pets

why do some people buy lots of dead pets...particulary low  value ones ..

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Re: Dead pets

Hi maxine957,


Good question, maybe this is the way they want to play the game or don't understand the game. 


Or they may just flip those dead pets with their other profiles to transfer what funds they have left in their dump profiles.


If they are low valued Ghost pets that deleted their accounts right away after joining, tagged is buying those ghosts back slowly...


There could be many reasons for this... the one who is buying them would only know why...

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Re: Dead pets

many people join and do not know how to play and just buy what comes up in there browsers .   OR  there profiles that move dump pets from one to the other , OR  there a team of players who move and trade junk pets .


I have old dead profiles that my older profiles own and sometimes they get bought ,   stupid for the to buy my old stuff i set free a long while ago .



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Re: Dead pets

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Hi tess


are you serious, that tagged is buying back slowly ghost pets ??


i have set free, although could be high value, say like near 100,000 q ..


so i should keep ghost pets and wait they are sold??


is there tagged ghost pet-collector owner?? lol


..i also set free some other bad pet, who not ghost, but changes bad pictures all time, saying wrong owner is cheating and dishonest.. but that 36y man "right" owner then not buy him back, although could swim in cash..

 there something wrong with those pets with playing unwritten rules and not real rules..


 Report abuse would be needed, but then to set free, is another solution.


No user is under any obligation to follow or obey tactics and strategies invented by another user. Anyone can play the game how they wish. (that is what tagged told me today)

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Re: Dead pets

If you look back in the topics on this forum, you will see there was already a discussion between players who noticed that ghost Pets were bought back by Tagged.I could be wrong in the amount of players but it was put by one and confirmed by some others...So i guess she is serious yes


Thereby,Tagged does read the forum topics and correct where needed so they would had already if she was wrong

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Re: Dead pets

Anyway it is too slow.. really, they should give money back


before was entourage game, if you there set free one from group, you got some money back always, but not so much, if somebody recruit (=buy) ..


with other game, it was not good at all, because people collected bonuses..


that is different with pets, it is very good, if someone buy your pets..


that's another reason to think, how illegal those nobuys are.. they are pure evil..