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Status: Fixed
by helenk on ‎02-10-2012 09:54 AM

i use a samsung galaxy s2, the Tagged mobile app, has worked great up till a few days ago, now i dont get any notifications when i get a message, friends request, ect.. nothing at all... ive changed setting, uninstalled it half dozen times and reinstalled it, and yet its still the same, still get no notifications of any sort... pls help me out always on the go and dont always have time to check a pc, so using the mobile app and having notifications has been the best way for me.... HELP!!!!

Status: Fixed


Status: Fixed
by One-Hit Wonder ap2020 on ‎05-14-2012 09:11 AM

messages do not sync between phone and comp anymore is there a fix for this

Status: Fixed


Status: Fixed
by Jordy-luvs-you on ‎06-13-2012 03:24 PM
The mobile app won't let me upload any pictures.
Status: Fixed

I use both my PC and my 3GS and after reading mail in the morning...

the checking in on my iphone... the messages still show as unread...

this can be a PITA as i have to go through each one to ensure it is

in fact read and not a new reply etc...


ugh... dont you ppl actualy try this stuff out before releasing it ?


and yes i updated the app this week 


(dontcha just love that i dont type in caps ?)

Status: Fixed

Push Notifications

by Agent on ‎11-27-2012 05:40 PM

Sorry, this post has been moved to another location! Please follow the provided link to view this post.

Tagged Account goes into "ghostmode"

Status: Not a Bug
by One-Hit Wonder joellum on ‎11-24-2011 07:37 AM

Hi guys, Ive got an urgent problem that needs fixing ASAP. Let me explain in detail.

Came across Tagged not through the website but through the appstore. A friend recommended this app to me. So happily, using my iPhone, I made an account and was pleased to be making friends. However, just about 2 weeks of interaction (sending messages, chatting using the chat feature, adding friends and all that good stuff), my account suddenly wont let me chat with my friend (kept saying they were offline), weird thing is, I never had this problem before. When a person goes offline, tagged would simply create a message instead to their mailbox. And another thing, I am able to receive chats from my friend (i think he saw me when i came online).

Tried chatting, sending messages, adding new people, even doing all that same stuff through the webpages (PC), same thing.

Conclusion, my account is blocked or banned or something. No idea why. I did nothing wrong. Please help.


And for those replying, please, keep it intellectual. Its bad enough that some of my friends no longer wants to talk to me because of the chat im recieving from them, they think that I am IGNORING them (which isn;t the case).


Im so deeply saddened...

Status: Not a Bug

Cant view anything on mobile application.

Status: Fixed
by ywastemyx on ‎03-21-2012 08:55 AM

I can not view messages due to error message stating: the network is busy, please try again later.

Status: Fixed


Status: Fixed
by prentice355 on ‎02-15-2012 01:06 AM

i use a htc evo 3D, the Tagged mobile app, has worked great up till a few days ago, now i dont get any notifications when i get a message, friends request, ect.. nothing at all... ive changed setting, uninstalled it half dozen times and reinstalled it, and yet its still the same, still get no notifications of any sort... pls help me out always on the go and dont always have time to check a pc, so using the mobile app and having notifications has been the best way for me

Status: Fixed

Bug issue with messages

Status: Fixed
by Shelden on ‎12-24-2011 11:07 AM
I can not view messages due to error message stating: the network is busy, please tey again later.
Status: Fixed

I am using tagged on my Android phone (Samsung Gakxy Ace) for a long time now

Untill two weeks it worked perfectly fine.

But now i cant see any photo's or pictures on the app anymore.


In other apps i can see them well, so I think its a problem of the app Tagged.


Can somebody help me?

Status: Fixed

Cafe wont launch on my mobile phone.

Status: Not a Bug
by Ladydeedee2 on ‎08-07-2012 02:19 AM

Has anyone else experience problems launching Cafe on their mobile phone? Problem came after site issues.

Status: Not a Bug
Sadly, Cafe is not a supported Mobile feature. While it is *possible* to get it to work on some Android devices, due the game requiring Flash, 'your results may vary'.

Upload Photos

Status: Not a Bug
by kosmics on ‎04-25-2012 10:13 AM

I'm using HTC HD7 and I have problems uploading photos. The button to click on to search for files on mobile isn't working. It had been months since I am unable to upload new photos. No matter I am using Tagged app or browser , I still cant upload. The button still doesn't work. Please do fix it soon. Thank you.

Status: Not a Bug

Tag App on Android Phone

Status: Fixed
by litlangel70 on ‎02-21-2012 02:35 PM

The Tagged mobile app on my andriod phone has worked great up until a few days ago, now I dont get any notifications when I get a message, friends request, ect.. nothing at all. I have reported the problem and encourage others to do the same if they are also having this problem so it can finally be resolved. The only way I have any way of knowing is an hour or two later after the fact through email!  Woman Frustrated  



Status: Fixed

Alerts on Android smartphones

Status: Fixed
by david2222 on ‎02-13-2012 10:32 PM

Same problem no Alerts for two days, common problem with friends too. To view new messages i have to continualy re-launch the app.

Status: Fixed

Tagged Crashes on my N5800 or symbian OS

Status: Fixed
by jayleellena on ‎01-05-2012 08:24 AM

First I checked tagged it worked perfectly I can shift to full site to mobile mode... the next day when am trying to open it loads then suddenly my browser crashes. heavy loaders like facebook and my other accounts on some social networks works well compared to mobile and full site mode of tagged it crashes very often.. it sucks honestly...

Status: Fixed

Re: New app for iPhone

Status: Resolving
by wrg31968 on ‎01-16-2013 11:51 AM

I am also having problems with the new app. Mine however shows that I still have a notification after it has been viewed.  It will be cleard from the Tagged site itself.  Howver, the Tagged app icon on the iPhone still shows the notification as if it had never been viewed.  I tried deleting & reinstalling the app only to be shown the same number of notifications....

Status: Resolving
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is an issue that we are aware of and are working to resolve. We hope to have an update for this bug soon, so be on the look out for a future app update. Smiley Happy


Status: Not a Bug
by tillyboob on ‎10-28-2012 05:51 AM

My tagged app (iphone) and the website both keep crashing for me recently. It will either take forever to load a persons profile (for example) or freeze and shut down. When I refresh the page it just takes twice as long. I've deleted and redownloaded the app and tried logging in and out of the website.. can anyone help?

Status: Not a Bug

I am always invisible when using the iphone Tagged application. How do I control my online presence indicator?

Status: Not a Bug

Can't log in on my blackberry

Status: Not a Bug
by Estarh on ‎08-27-2012 04:09 PM

When i go to tagged on my blackberry to sign in, i write my email and my password and clicked sign in then the page went right back to the sign in page with my email and password erased ( I tried this many times). Then I clicked 'forgot password'. I received the email to change my password, I clicked the link to change it, then it took me right back to the sign in age again.

Status: Not a Bug

i can't login my account by my iphone4

Status: Fixed
by ElemeNt on ‎07-13-2012 02:38 AM

when i type my password , and it said " your account or your password is wrong" , but my password is right!!!

However, when i am at home with WIFI,  i can login my account.  so the problem is :  when i am out of WIFI ,i can't login!!! why?

Status: Fixed



My name is Luz, I work for Opera Software, the company behind the Opera browsers. I'm writing because some of our users recently reported that they're having problems when trying to access when using the Opera Mini browser.


If you go to using Opera Mini and you click on "sign in", the sign-in page where you land is missing the text and background on the big green sign-in button. You can see it here:  


If you want to test it, you can use the Opera Mini simulator at this link: You can also download Opera Mini from the app market in whatever mobile platform you're on, or you can download it from here: and then run it on your computer using the MicroEmulator


You can find me on Twitter @gerbille if you need more info.





Upload pics

Status: Fixed
by ileonik on ‎06-25-2012 08:33 PM
I can't upload any photos on the mobile app on my iphone 4
Status: Fixed

Re: pics

by DougP on ‎06-13-2012 02:02 PM
Theo- ice did this.. The blue loading bar gets halfway & stops & never uploads the pics. Sometimes the blue loading bar doesn't even show up but leaves the upload page?! Wtf is going on?

Messages going crazy.

Status: Fixed
by marianita_cisne on ‎05-31-2012 11:28 PM

Here's the deal, a few days ago my tagged app worked perfectly, messages, friends, pets, everything, and since a few days back not only the messages have gone mad, I now can't even respond messages, the app sends a respond with the exact same message the people send me. 


It says 299/99 it shows I respond all the messages and it doesn't show me new ones as it used to. Now every single message I see it's a message a respond already, which I haven't this is kind of upsetting, i need those messages to stay in touch with my friends.


On the Browser site shows some ugly new message interface, i believe this is the problem that affects my app, but i don't know. Please respond.

Status: Fixed

date problem.

Status: Investigating
by bangalore on ‎05-24-2012 12:32 AM

I have a samsung Fit.

Have installed yahoo app.
in the yahoo pushmail account the mails from Tagged are dated 1/1/70.
and any mails/message are at the end of the list.

this is the problem with Tagged and Hi5.



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