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How do I delete a Meet Me match from the Mobile app?


How do I delete a Meet Me match from the Mobile app?


For the iPhone app version 7.0.6:

To delete a Meet Me Match using the mobile app, please do the following:


- Select Meet Me from the Home screen




- At the bottom of the screen, you will then see how many matches you have indicated by the red number on the heart icon. Tap on this icon.




-From the grid view, touch and hold the match you want to delete.





-To view as a list, tap on the bullet point list icon at the top right of the screen.




- When you see the list of your matches, locate the match you wish to delete. Hold your finger down and slide it across the screen until a red 'Delete' button appears.

Tap on the 'Delete' button to delete the match.




For iPhone app version 6.8 or Android app version 3.8.1 or older:

To delete a Meet Me Match on the iPhone app:


- From Matches or your Yes List, Select 'List'






- Select 'Delete' to delete your Match.




To delete a Meet Me match on the Android app:


Either in List view (first image) or Grid view (second image), simply hold down on the image of the Match and select 'Delete'






by PrinceDestiny on ‎01-04-2014 11:01 PM

Can someone please tell me what do the numbers mean on the meet me yes list?