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save SL

Status: Under Consideration
by MeDeea on ‎12-10-2012 11:07 AM

Hello,was thinking what if tagged will charge us with a small fee for keeping SL here???? I will pay a small amount and many others will just so not to lose everything we got in this game,we invested so much time and money,please think about this ideea tagged !!!


Inactive profiles

Status: Under Consideration
by Question Master on ‎09-18-2012 05:34 AM

This idea has being touched on before, But as far as I know never tabled as an actual idea post.

I've seen many requests for profiles over 3 months inactive to be deleted.


Tagged are obviously reluctant to do this.

So why not just deactivate them effectively removing them from browse,  They will still list as members of tagged but for want of a better way of putting it in hibernation.


If a deactivated account try's to sign back in all they would have to do is click on an account reactivation link and they are back


Sort messages

Status: In Development
by sandewal2003 on ‎10-03-2011 11:08 AM

It would be nice to be able to sort messages by user. Easier to delete all messages from that user and to find old messages.

Status: In Development

This is part of a message center improvement project that we're currently developing!  :smileyhappy:

Well, Tagged's done it again....Till recently the viewing panel for friends, your profile viewers and groups was very conveniently located in the top right corner of your homepage, all for an easy access....but no their "infinite wisdom" (yes, I am being sarcastic!) someone decided again to make things worse not better and removed the viewing panel all together so now, instead an easy access to it we have to click our selves stupid trying to to get there.....It really ticks me off that instead of making a simple option to either have the viewing panel there or hide it if you don't want it, some idiot just goes and removes it all together..... This is so typical of Tagged...always making things worse not better.... Why change it at all? What could be a possible benefit in hiding viewing panel and making me go and search for something that was there in a plain view for my convenience before?











"What's New?" and "Meet Me" Sections

by rocabear on ‎09-30-2011 07:20 AM

Please give us the option to choose whichever Sexual Orientation, Relationship Status, Ethnicity, and Interested In on What's New and Meet Me like we do in Search. Please, Please, Pretty Please?


message system

Status: Investigating
by CarolJ on ‎05-15-2012 07:32 PM

I think it would be real good to let some choose what version of message system they like like we have in the pets version. I hate this new way of messaging!

Clean up these freaking profiles its so annoying when your looking for new people to talk to and there is so many fake profiles people who are like scammers and pornstars and stuff . You guys have made a great website its a cool dating website which is better than facebook cuz it lets you communicate with people but its annoying . Make sure people are legit so that we dont have to add these scammers and fake profiles . PLEASEEEE 


Communicating with forum posters

Status: Under Consideration
by Question Master on ‎09-18-2012 11:04 AM

Now as we all know we can post replies to each other on the forums,


I would like to propose that Tagged create an IM system on here,  Disable links if you want but it would be good if we could instant message each other and exchange idea and elaborate on them.


Kudo if you want this?


Webcams on Tagged

Status: Under Consideration
by teezy on ‎08-04-2012 07:09 PM
members should be able to use web cams to get to no each other better and to get a better feel of a person before trading info....and it would make tagged a more interesting site where people can meet..

Right click disable

Status: Under Consideration
by MzThck on ‎09-15-2012 03:34 AM

I've noticed there are quite a few users that steal steal pictures and personal information from other users to create a fake profile. How about disabling the right click option on all pictures?


New Layout

Status: Planned
by tdames on ‎10-01-2011 03:23 PM

There should be a new way our profile looks. Its starting to look kinda old. We need a web 2.0 style

Status: Planned
We plan to update the look of Tagged in the near future. Probably sometime in early to mid-2012.

Meet me??

Status: Under Consideration
by raven0175 on ‎08-03-2012 08:42 PM
Why i have to browse thru 300 women to get to the one that wants to Meet Me? Why don't you guys do something so that when we get an alert to meet someone that when we click on the Meet me button takes us to whoever wants to meet us without going thru every single person?

Chat room..

Status: Under Consideration
by EthanJones on ‎02-11-2012 01:42 PM

Tagged, like they did before, should implement a chatroom on this website..

but unlike before actually have it moderated to a certain degree..

have Global moderators which are employees and normal chat moderators who are trusted tagged users..


Global mods look after the Normal mods..

normal mods look after the chatrooms.


this site has drammatically decreased in popularity since the decision to remove the chat.. which if i can remember properly.. was due to all the filthy paedophilles..


Another thought..


Like tagged can implement a chat where one person hosts a room.. other people join that room (private/open/people with a link only) the moderation and kicking/banning of the room is done by the chat host and those the chat host hast deemed as moderators..



I don't know why this would be "SO DIFFICULT" to do or why it's not allowed, reusing our email address after deleting our own accounts.


IF A PROFILE IS DELETED BY AN INDIVIDUAL (NOT TAGGED), THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO RETURN AT A LATER, DATE, TIME, YEAR! It's terrible creating so many email accounts to come back.


I understand being deleted by TAGGED and not being reinstated with the same email address, but not if we delete it ourselves. Please consider allowing us to "reuse" our email addresses.




Relationship Status: In a Relationship With / Married To

Status: Under Consideration
by shaneo on ‎10-03-2011 12:45 PM - last edited on ‎10-04-2011 11:21 PM by Landen

Think it would be a good idea if we could change the relationship status to where you can add someone in , i.e

''in a relationship with .. Amy Cooney'' kind of like facebook :smileyhappy: 


Deleting non active users

Status: Under Consideration
by rock693 on ‎12-29-2012 07:52 AM

I think it would be a great idea to delete any user not active for 3 months.  At that point they probably do not remembe4r their login anyway and it clears up room for active players.;.


Just a thought


On Account Deletion

by Miele on ‎10-01-2011 02:16 PM

Would it be possible to have our accounts deactivated instead of being deleted altogether? It would be nice to have that option. This idea's not totally new but in Tagged it is :smileyhappy: Thanks!


Profile choke hold!

Status: Under Consideration
by Gr1f on ‎02-25-2013 02:28 AM

I keep getting friend invites, messages, meet me interests etc etc form fake profiles trying to get my attention to go to another site just to buy their porn. These are botted accounts and and they repeat the same thing nearly every time. It has almost gotten to the point where I wanna say screw it and quit this site. Tagged I have not had any issues with you before but this is getting bad you guys need to tighten the noose on these profile creating bots the fakes and the porn advertising bimbos! You let nearly anyone and anything create an account without ANY real sturdy limitations no human checks no anti-botting routines nothing. I have had an account on here for years and honestly this site is starting to turn out to be a joke. Set some boundaries MAKE them input human interface.

Hey, can somebody create this option on tagged, cause I would really like to have this option! I would like to send the same message to all my friends, in one click. Is this really so hard to do Tagged?? Every other social page has this so why can't u? 


thx Vicky


On Photos

Status: In Review
by Miele on ‎10-01-2011 02:09 PM

Would it be possible to create albums in Tagged? I want all my pics to be organized according to their dates. Plus it will use less space in the page if we only have albums.Thanks :smileywink: Then could we also customize the settings as to who could view our photos?

Status: In Review

It has annoyed me to no end that my WIDGETS and COMMENTS are deleted even though they should have passed approval according to taggeds Terms Of Service. What I suggest is that members be allowed to rate their pages in the same way ratings are given to movies. This way a qualified member can decide before clicking on the "ADD FRIEND" button if they want this person as a friend. The ratings would be as follows:


"G rating" - Open for General Public. Anyone ages 13 and above may enter access this page. This page would be audited in the usual way for Comment and Widgets that are not acceptable for the general public.


"R rating" - Restricted for Adults Only. These pages would allow Risque material added to Widgets. Pages may contain Nudity and Adult Language, however will be restricted from posting Racist, Violent and Gang related material and also material of explicit sexual content. No one under the age of 18 would be allowed to create, add or view these pages, however pages with a "G" rating above the age of 18 would be permitted to add or view these pages, and only adults 18 and above will be allowed to change their page rating from "G" to "R. " R rated pages posting comments to G rated pages would be audited by the standard rules for posting to General Public but those standards should be relaxed with R ratings posting to another page of the same rating.

The G rated pages could be moderated by tagged in the usual way and the R rated pages would need much less supervision and could be pretty much moderated by tagged members.


Whatever system you guys are using for comments and widget auditing infuriated me to the point of quiting my VIP status after more than 2 years of being on VIP with tagged. Whatever system you are using for auditing pages needs to be modified. I have over a thousand friends on my page. Of course I don't post comments to all of them but there are a couple hundred people on my top friends list who I do post to. For me to carefully select a post which normally is no more than simular to a "PG rating", click on 200 or more friends to post a comment, only to hear my friends right away email me that my comment was deleted is aggrivating.


It's gotten so bad that you are deleting more approvable material than what's supposed to be deleted. In fact the explicit sexual stuff is coming through approved while a comment of flowers or blessings is deleted. My idea doesn't necessarily fix the problem, but it aims the focus more at where it needs to be aimed. The judging would be focused at children and folks who are easily offended by what you claim is offensive, or as I understand it, the software you are using to judge can freely roam.


I just want to post without so much of the bother of worring if a post of a piece of fine art will be deleted. You don't have to take my advice or suggestion, but if you want me buying gold and back on VIP again your going to have to fix this problem.


Delete All In Inbox

Status: Under Consideration
by byrdiebyrdbaby on ‎10-03-2011 09:47 PM

it would be awesome to have a feature in the inbox section where you can delete all messages by clicking one button rather than clicking each and every box one by one you want deleted


Contact filters

Status: Under Consideration
by Ariesdani on ‎12-13-2012 06:38 PM

Please add a contact filter similar to other sites. Allows users to place restrictions on contact such as age minimums, sexual and marrital status...etc.


Clarifying the buy gold offers

Status: Under Consideration
by Magic 8-Ball sandi1 ‎12-30-2012 06:39 AM - edited ‎12-30-2012 07:18 AM

I have seen and answered so many queries along with others on the confusion regarding the extra on buy gold.

Can I suggest Tagged change it slightly to show as below instead of the current format?


400,000 Gold for €200 EUR 300% Extra Gold!  Already included in total
200,000 Gold for €100 EUR 300% Extra Gold! Already included in total

75,000 Gold for €50 EUR 200% Extra Gold! Already included in total

25,000 Gold for €20 EUR 150% Extra Gold! Already included in total

10,000 Gold for €10 EUR 100% Extra Gold! Already included in total

2,500 Gold for €5 EUR Basic gold purchase No extra award


So many times people are confused and expect so much more than they are actually getting,  It's totally evident what you are entitled to if you do the math,  But not all  do they see the 300% and jump in without thinking.


At least with that included it may make people stop and think about what gold they are going to get.

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