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cash runs on 2.0

Status: Not a Bug
by ffanny on ‎05-24-2012 03:37 PM

Tagged just crashed on me while I had 90 tr in cash. it said sorry, runs not available at this time. now i am back on, I have lost the 85 I had bet !

can I have my money back please

Status: Not a Bug
Hi ffanny, Thanks a lot for writing in. I looked into your issue. It seems that on 2012-05-24, you were the last buyer of a cash run, and had the opportunity to keep the cash (50% cash back of what you had paid for) or to spin the wheel. What you described in terms of having problems with your browser seems correct. We made a safety net for these situations in which you can't decide whether to spin or to keep the cash... This could happen for various reasons -- problems on your end, problems with the site, etc., or just inability to make a quick decision -- and so we added the ability to come back and finish your spin later. It seems like you did just that two days later on 2012-05-26. You came back to Cash Runs, and were given the same choice that you had on 2012-05-24. You then decided to play double or nothing and chose Black, but got unlucky when the ball landed on Red 19. Hope you had fun playing the game, and I wish you the best!


Status: Investigating
by hmhgmgmgmhg on ‎01-19-2013 09:08 AM

Hi there, i cant hire waiters, when i try to hire i get a "Sorry we're having........please refresh and we'll try again..." error, what's to do? Thanks!

Cafe and rehiring and hiring waiters

Status: Resolving
by SheilaM on ‎02-18-2012 07:56 AM

I and at least a few others are unable to rehire and hire waiters.  I tried several hours ago and now again.  Before the levels changed I did not have the problem.  A friend of mine is not experiencing the issue but I am hoping it is not my computer bc another poster in the forums is also unable to hire and rehire on any computer.  Please look into this and fix it bc it is not fair for us not to be able to keep up with our waiters.

Status: Resolving

Can't even get into Cafe

Status: Investigating
by SheilaM on ‎08-02-2012 08:52 PM

I am not the only one experiencing the problem of getting into my cafe, other players cannot get into theirs either.  I have tried at least 3x and get the same thing, sorry we are having problems, refresh and we will try again.  I did that and still cannot get into it.  We need to be able to get into our cafes to work them and hire waiters. 

Sorority Life

Status: Investigating
by road_warrior on ‎06-16-2012 12:00 AM

Sorority Life gaming: disaster because of new "Message" center. Looks like we all have been complaining about the new "messages" center only under the "General" category. New format has nearly crippled the game because "gifts"  (which are essential to play) show as being sent but are not delivered or retrievable.  I have wasted a lot of time sending "gifts" that cannot be used. There are time sensitive events that we have not been able to participate in because we cannot retrieve "gifts' necessary to complete them. Only our "invites" are getting through.


I suppose since "Sorority Life" does not have it's own label and has to be put under "Other" indicates the importance of this game to TAGGED

a topiary goal

Status: Fixed
by roccojibraltar ‎01-18-2012 10:35 PM - edited ‎01-23-2012 03:39 PM

i just got a goal of putting a ONE sphere, formal french topiary in my café.  anyone who's ever looked at my profile knows that one-ball topiaries have been part and parcel of my café, right from the get-go.

Man Happy


i accepted the goal, though, because: 1) i already had a crapton of 1-ball topiaries in my café; 2) the outcome of #1 should have been an instant completion of the goal; 3) completing it was worth an instacook, and that can be very valuable.

Man Very Happy


well, as it turns out, it was much more valuable than i had expected!


after i accepted this goal, i expected to be greeted by the tumultuous cheers from the crowd, instantaneously!  i was not.

Man Surprised


so, i checked the goal.  it said i only had 1/4 of the requisite "1 sphere" topiaries in my café.  hmmm...  the only topiary i only had one of was a THREE-ball topiary [which i think i got as a reward from some earlier goal.] 


being the inquisitive type, i went ahead and removed four 1-balls from my café and then put them back, just to make sure.  nope.  still no dice.  :/

Man Frustrated


so, casting all logic to the wind, i went ahead and bought a new, THREE-ball topiary for the 15,000 that they cost, [as opposed to the measly 750 that a 1-ball costs] and put it in my café.

Man Mad


and this wasn't just any, old, three-ball topiary I'm talking about, no sir!  this is the TAPERED, three-ball topiary!


well ladies and germs, lo and behold, yes, virginia, there is a glitch!  when i clicked on the goal again, to see if it had updated, it had, indeed done so.  it now showed that i had 2/4 of the required plants in my café.


so i went ahead and bought two more  TAPERED,THREE-ball topiaries, put them in my café, clicked DONE, and whoo-hoo!  i got cheered and, more importantly, a free instacook.


so, either when the goal says  that you need 1-ball topiaries, it's a misprint, and you really need three -ball ones.


or else having to buy 3-ball topiaries to fulfill this goal is a glitch, AND SOMEBODY OWES ME 45,000 CHIPS THAT I HAD TO SPEND, WHEN I ALREADY HAD THE REQUESTED PIECES IN MY CAFÉ TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!


either way, though, something's not right.


rocco jibraltar



if you, too, are experiencing this problem, and you have read this and applied my workaround, please remember to CLICK THE KUDOS BUTTON!  not so i get the kudos, but so the problem gets the attention!  the more kudoses a post gets, the better the chance of someone fixing it. - thanks, r j

Status: Fixed


Status: Investigating
by Dewey Decimal boxingkitty ‎06-08-2012 05:19 PM - edited ‎06-15-2012 09:25 AM

Getting same issues and room "hangs" as stated a yesterday in this post


can now add the following observations....



looks like the "auto refresh" is working for some while completely broken for others... i tried toggling the usual auto-refresh setting on home page with no discernable difference in being able to "see" whats goin on in the CR rooms... but in convo with friend while playing... i could see and play the run in the room while she could not and was experiencing all the "HUNG ROOM" symptoms.... no auto-updates.. timer stuck at zero.. blank / white out on history... with just an occasional and sporadic update of activity... ... ... using F5 or Ctrl-F5 WHILE in the room produces an occasional "re-sync" with the room on maybe 1 out of 10 attempts... many times however... doing a refresh returns errors in white dialog box as follows


1) Failed to join room due to status : roomDoesNotExist 

(this one pops up occasionally after joining the room and while the run is in progress... so this may indicate players being "booted" from the room)


2) Failed to join room due to status : serviceFailure


3) price has changed errors


*** added 6-15... i think i'm seeing every error message ya got from time to time


4) sorry cash runs not available at this time (sometimes pops in room .. can clear error and still hit run)



seems that one can be "IN" the room and observng the room with everything intact on client side but have no I/F with server side as if one is NOT in the room... make sense?...


the rooms are not detecting when players leave or adjusting for player activity time out... have talked to ppl while playing... see their icon in a room and ask real time if they are playing in the room... they are not... so that scroll bar with the player icons is not displaying properly... nor does the player count at top of history... also a room with no people in it should auto-close should it not?.. there are now scores of rooms listed on the main cash run page with no people and no activity that show occupancy and status on the main room list....


things with cash runs seemed to be working well after this past monday when the roulette wheel routine was debugged and things were peachy... however.. all these new FREEZE issues started appearing on WED... i reported them yesterday after no apparent action had been taken... i was really surprised that with such malfunctions and breaks in code occuring that tagged decided to roll this out to all profiles at what could not have been a worse time....  this puts tagged in a really really deep hole when it comes to winning the favorable opinions of the majority of players... if today was their first and only exposure to cash runs... it will be a hard sell to convince them to play the CR's after the bugs are worked out... really bad awful timing guys... sorry.. i'm rooting for the CR's... but this was horrendous timing and makes me wonder if anyone's really paying attention...


and now we are going into the weekend... so what??.. it'll be four days or more of vacationing in BRICK CITY in the CR's...  in the battle for winning hearts and minds... if this doesn't get fixed soon.... you'll get the same result as a politician that promises to make everyone eat mud if elected.... c'mon guys.. it's so bad right now in there it's an embarassment to the people trying to talk it up for ya...

Can't hire waiters

Status: Investigating
by SheilaM on ‎01-17-2013 03:24 PM

Everytime I try to hire a waiter at first it starts loading then gives me the message about refreshing and no matter how long I wait or many times I refresh it still does the same thing over and over.  How am I supposed to hire waiters?

WTF is wrong with the cafe?

Status: Investigating
by tshea215 on ‎06-28-2012 06:53 PM

It's been progressively getting worse for a while and now it wont even open up

Fight list!

Status: Investigating
by RoxyGPi on ‎12-20-2012 11:05 AM

On the fight list only one page shows up and i click next at all cuz my next button to click to go on the next page to fight ppl disappeared and can't fight at all was wondering if anyone else is having this problem please fix please help if you can??

It has been well over 3 weeks since Cafe Players have been unable to hire the last (or more) waiters once the old waiter's time has expired.


Several people have posted in the forums, but Tagged never seems to respond, nor does it seem that they are making any effort to get the game FIXED.


What is the problem???


When is TAGGED going to acknowledge the issue and get the game developers to fix the issue.


To be clear, if you have 6 waiters, and 1 or more waiters' tme ends, the player is unable to hire new waiters. Instead, the game begins to open the waiter list for hire, but the "refresh" button appears and you have to start the game over again.


The only time I personally have been able to rehire is if I keep the game open for about 30 minutes or an hour, without leaving the page or tab, then OCCASIONALLY I've been able to hire a waiter.


This is unacceptable.



Scrolling and page size

Status: Investigating
by alcombs on ‎05-25-2012 08:21 PM

Entourage is becoming very difficult to use, mostly because it is hard to scroll my entourage. Before I could see about 4 of them, but now only about 3 at a time. In addition, finding the scroll bar is really difficult and becoming worse the more people I add. Although I played a lot in the last few days, I am finding this a big turn off.


What is worse is the page layout cuts off the bottom. I could and did change my settings, but then my browser becomes unpleasant, and it seems crazy to change my settings for just a game. It is a nice game (with a few more bugs I might mention, but this one really turns me off the game).


by crankinon on ‎10-04-2011 10:14 AM

This feature is ruining our Cafe!  It pops up constantly and prevents us from serving and cooking our food because the pop up freezes the page so we have to refresh at least 5-7 times in order to accomplish our normal Cafe tasks. 

Plus, it doesn't even work like it says it's supposed to!  Example:  It offers to provide me an award if I cook let's say 83 dishes of a certain item.....ok, so each cooker of that item cooks 50 I select two cookers!  Well...NOT TRUE....Even though the instructions say "Dishes" the amount actually means "Cookers"....83 COOKERS TO GET ONE AWARD 

 Pick a Goal is Aweful ......


......REALLY, no one in their intelligent mind would even bother with such a thing! Smiley Mad


AND, to add insult to injury, there is no "OPT OUT" button so we're stuck with it!



Pets page - 08/08/2012

Status: Investigating
by MichelleW2 on ‎09-08-2012 02:20 PM

Hi, At the moment I can not get into my pets page to find out my curret status, however a friend can... Please can you advise if there is anything wrong with it?


Thanks and regards



Status: Investigating
by martini on ‎02-18-2012 09:27 PM

Can not hire waiters, it shows people but then it shows 0 amounts to hire.  when I click on a box and the hire nothing happens.  help please

Scroll Bar

Status: Investigating
by timah on ‎05-04-2012 09:49 AM

I hate it! I want use my own scroll!

Refresh in Hire feature

Status: Investigating
by Mickey-Mouse on ‎01-17-2013 08:27 AM

Every time I use the hire a waiter feature the REFRESH pop-up occurs.  I refresh the page over and over and still cannot hire a waiter.  Now, my score will not increase as greatly because I have an open waiter position.

Entourage Scrolling Feature

Status: Investigating
by TheWorldIsMine on ‎06-04-2012 05:11 AM

I am soooo tired of trying to play Entourage with the awkward way you have installed the scrolling function. It's completely horrible, very nice game but not well thought out. You must fix the scrolling option, and make it normal or at least easy to use. The way it is now you can accidentally buy or delete people, just stupid guys.




The World Is Mine

No Hiring

Status: Investigating
by eyetravel22 on ‎02-18-2012 07:29 AM

We cannot hire Cafe Players with Level 102 or higher!

Will Tagged be fixing this BIG PROBLEM?  Or, does Tagged not want high level cafe players to be waiters?

Adverts on Pets page

Status: Investigating
by Pet_King on ‎04-05-2012 03:12 AM

I have reported this twice directly to the contact us email address and sent screen shots of how the pets page is appearing with adverts take place of the pets place and the top menus not working.  I just sent another email now.  I sincerely hope that this issue will be solved as I was ranking 10th in my country and God knows to what position I fell these last two days.  Can you please see to it? Man MadMan MadMan Mad

Where are the recent "LAST PURCHASE" ???

Status: Not a Bug
by filou on ‎07-14-2012 07:02 PM

I wanted to use the browse function for find pets purchasing actually or moment ago but i cannot find any ?

What happens ? Will you fix this problem quickly ?

Status: Not a Bug

Sick and Tired of this!

Status: Investigating
by dawnlin on ‎06-16-2012 09:55 AM

i have posted and posted a comment on this, and it's still not fixed.  I have played Cafe now for over 2 years.  During the past 8 months, there has NEVER been a day that i have not played Cafe.  However, each time I get hired as a waiter or waitress for someone else, my DAILY BONUS resets itself and I have to start all over again.  This happens every two to three days, and I am over the top with fury.  If you check my stats, you will see that I always have hired waiters and waitresses and I always have food on the serving area.  Yet, I have to give up "Instant Cook" over and over and over again.  I would say that there was one time, and one time only that I was able to go for 28 days with my daily bonus running almost properly.  Now, I almost get to an "instant bonus" and check on it the following day to find that it's starting over at the beginning with the day's before action totally overlook and I received NO CREDIT whatsoever.  I am on a daily basis telling myself that I am going to delete myself from tagged and I send another post to see if you will help.  I can't count the amount of "Instant Cook" redemptions I have had stolen from me for the past few months.  Its disgusting.  Don't you have computer geniuses that can get this fixed?  If not, why?  I fully expect to receive a response and credit given where credit is due.  Check my waiters and my totals for Cafe.  How do you think I achieved those totals without doing anything?  I did my daily Cafe like the game insists.  Now give me my Instant Cooks back for the past few months.  Dawnlin

I have been unable to buty any pets for the past few days. Every time I open the "Buy Pets" tab I just get the "Ooops, we have no more pets to show you. Please open up your filters" message. I have opened and changed my filters many times but always get the same message.


Like others here, I also noticed a distinct slow down in the system until this problem occurred, which was making it virtually impossible to play the game anyway.


Has "Pets" become a victim of it's own success, or is this a bug that can be fixed? If it can't, then I fear that I will be moving on.

Status: Not a Bug
As the original poster says in the comments, price filters need to be opened up.

Took all my cooked food!

Status: Investigating
by sandy1220 on ‎06-22-2012 10:58 PM

Geez u guys what's it gonna take for u to get it together? a few months ago u reset my daily login after 10 consecutive months..Yesterday u cleaned out ALL my cooked food on my servers..I had 4 & 5K on most of

them..The site never works & it's not gettin better it's getting worse.. U can't find waiters because no one plays anymore the game's so messed up I'll soon be joining them.. fix it the games stop taking our hard work, loyalties, & profits..I don't want ur give aways just give me what i earned & stop stealing from me..

The "Next" and "Prev" buttons have vanished from the "Fight" and "Ranking" listings.

For fighting you have to refresh the page to get more players up, but there is no work-around to find your place and your competitions places in the listings... and Mafia is all about competing with others.

This vanished in the last couple of weeks sometime I think.

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