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What are Ghost Pets?


What are Ghost Pets?


If an account is deactivated, it becomes a 'Ghost Pet'

  • Ghost Pets are Pets with auto-generated names like 'Happy Ghost Pet #123456", etc.  They still function like normal Pets, but are essentially non-playable characters (NPCs)
  • Deleted Pets retain their cash, value and history when they become 'Ghost Pets'. Stats are not reset.  Instead, they remain associated with the account.  If the account is reinstated, the user will still have all of their cash and value, as well as any profits earned from Pet sales while in the deleted state

  • Value, Last Purchase, Last Active, the Quick Message box and all communication links do not display. 'Ghost Pets' only display Value, Pets and Wishers fields on their Pets page



by jim_docker on ‎10-07-2011 08:01 AM

Ghost pets  deleted money from my account,  today  I lost  over $ 2,000,000,000,000....what can be done to prevent this outrage?


by Dewey Decimal DanielHart on ‎11-10-2011 09:09 AM

Don't feel bad, Jim.  I lost quite a bit more than that.  A lot of profiles have been deleted in the past few months, and I can understand why most of them were.  However, my point is: Who is going to buy a Ghost Pet?  Best thing to do with a ghost pet is to set them free, and there is where you lose the cash.


Would it not make more sense to set some reasonable time limit for the owner of a deleted account to have it reinstated, and after that time credit the ghost pet's value back to the Pets account of the owner?  Say, 30 days - which is far more than enough to clear up any misunderstanding with Tagged.  That seems only fair to me.





by miked on ‎11-19-2011 06:15 AM

I wasn't aware a ghost account could be reinstated. So if I read right a person could ghost leaving the pwner with the impression that pet is lost then the owner sets the pet loose then they pet reinstates the account less the owner.


As an owner who's lost cash on ghosts I'm in favour of the suggestion of recovering cash automatically on a ghost plus an adjustment in value and assets.



by smoothlover1917 on ‎11-28-2011 03:51 AM

I agree with the group.  Setting ghost pets free should not result in lost cash.  These pets are usually not bought and sold.  I agree that a reasonable time should be given to allow the person to return to Tagged.  However, if they don't the current Pets players can be stuck with what may be several expensive ghost pets.  I'm hoping that this issue is addressed.

by txtwilight on ‎11-30-2011 01:47 PM

I just bought a pet not even 24hrs ago and now they are a Ghost pet but they are still buying pets.. how can that be?

by mweedjr on ‎12-06-2011 07:55 PM

Today I was bought by a Ghost Pet. I recieved no money from my sale. I did not have an increase in status. This situation is rediculous. How can I get rid of my owner who happens to be a Ghost Pet.

by waynemaule on ‎12-13-2011 07:10 AM

I am a little upset . My pet was deleted . Her value was 1,181,204,523,410,869. Now she was jus not only a pet , she was my best friend . She had 5 photos and non were nude . facial shots . And had nothing on her profile to be deleted . Which i trully find strange that one day we playing pet and the other she does not exist . Her name was "bad kitty" now ts happy ghost . Nothing is happy about that. How do i go about asking Tagged Administrator to review this profile with a view of re-instating my friend . Anyone can help , it will be deeply appreciated

by dabrown20 on ‎01-03-2012 08:44 PM

It's hard to understand why Tagged / Pets wouldn't automatically refund cash paid for a ghost pet. At least at some point, 2 weeks 30 days, what ever), We've done nothing wrong.  The choice to delete was not ours. I've lost well over a Q just for one pet?? In the high Trillions for 16 other pets I set free and now I have few more adding up over a Q??.


I might feel better if there at least was an official answer or rational?

by heavymetalvmlj1 on ‎01-09-2012 11:42 AM

I'm trying to figure out how a Ghost Pet bought me and why immediately after buying me let me free.

by Kathy_NC on ‎02-04-2012 01:30 PM

A ghost pet sounds like a scammer to me.  Ghosts represent a deleted person, and therefore are incapable of buying and selling and in your case, setting free.  Something is amiss in your sitution.....    "Just Me...."


by don-Cartouche on ‎02-05-2012 07:10 AM

Ik heb verschillende spook huisdieren gekocht.(meer dan 10)

Zelf vindt ze wel cool, je heb ze in verschillende kleuren

Snap daarom niet waarom niemand ze koop.Ze blijven toch

stijgen in waarde.Probeer het maar eens uit.Toen ik nog twee

accounts had heb ik op deze wijze veel geld verdiend.

Maar door een een ruzie op mijn ander account werdt ik verwijderd.

Jammer maar op dit account gaat het leven verder.

Dus als iemand interessen heeft om het uit tetesten,

ik koop en verkoop spook huisdieren.






by garysibbritt1 on ‎02-15-2012 01:39 AM

<p> <span class="UserName lia-user-name"><a href="/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/1414166" target="_self"><span>waynemaule</span></a> </span></p><p> </p><p><span class="UserName lia-user-name">i got deleted 6 times and a again i had no bad things on my profile...but i see loke of nude photos on here and thay dont get deleted </span></p>

by azztecking on ‎03-01-2012 06:03 AM

that is un fair as an owner if all my pets decided to go ghost im screwed  this has to change so im being punished becouse my pet or pets dont like lets say my profile pix  thats not the way this schould be run  i was concidering to start buying gold but not if im going to loose it if some pet  decides she dont like me or whatever will you refund my hard earned cash if a pet dose this ?

by One-Hit Wonder Carla-do-Carlos on ‎05-08-2012 08:00 PM

On the picture I can read this is Ghost pet nr 915717.
This means that tagged has this much deleted pets, plus a much higher inactive profiles.

This is insane.

by sammyagaga on ‎08-05-2012 12:58 AM

Wow, I hope this has gotten settled...I didn't kno that tagged could delete you because someone didn't like you!! I have one pet that had been threatening me, (never had I had anything like this happen before and just thought it was some poor sport!) and had no idea that they could actually get tagged to delete me!! What reason would they have to give? I have nothing pornographic or even close and do not use profile backgrouond is of marijuana, however it was a tagged background that I chose, loi! Hey, I just thought it looked cool...what?

Anyway, hope this has been taken care of, haven't heard anything negative for sometime...


by gina241958 on ‎08-05-2012 12:58 PM

ello and thank you, and on 2 occasions I have had problems with pets runs, I like to play, but I give the color and then says I've lost my cash, I think I've lost more than 55 Q, the last time I was told that an engineer would fix my cash, I still do not, I hope this time please fix it I'm not cheating, I buy gold and that day I lost 36 Q was ruined when tagged, thanks

by dtownjoe on ‎09-14-2012 05:44 AM

Grrrr~ These ghosts are a pain and an expensive loss.  Certainly there has to be a fix where the pet player is protectd against the profiles that are deleted and then turn into ghosts.  This has been going on for years!  It's one thing if I want to delete a pet and choose to lose what I invested but to lose my investment after buying a pet who for whatever reason deletes their account is totally wrong.  This can be fixed and it would have been taken care of years ago if Tagged really wanted to do something about it.  People complain about this all the time and it just seems to fall on deaf ears!  

by stevieashly on ‎11-12-2012 05:49 PM

Can anyone tell me what happens to my cash if i set myself free from a Ghost pet  

by Alba1 on ‎12-22-2012 11:20 PM

If you set yourself  free,  your present owner is paid  from your CASH.

You will have no owner, nor do you own yourself.

Your ASSETS will NOT increase,   you pay CASH but obtain  no ASSETS.

If you are bought, Tagged  gets the  CASH, you get your value increased .


Don't do it  !!!    you  screw yourself

by dtango3 on ‎01-25-2013 09:28 AM

What is the purpose of having ghost pets in the playing field for longer that 30 days?

by canimdacan on ‎03-22-2013 12:43 AM
by suetoll_1544 on ‎03-31-2013 06:23 AM

I do not understand the ghost pets..Scare me..They buy you as a person then keep changing from ghost pet to the real buyer...Then you have people who buy them and sets them free...You really don't no what they might do.

Ihave been on tag for a long time and enjoy it so nice for the older people..and until recent i have had no problems..then some messages came that were not so nice,,cursed and threats, from someone i did not no.

i just want to say i still belive  in tag is a wonderful site and you met great people on here who respect the site.

Thank you


by Runningbear on ‎04-17-2013 03:15 PM

What in the world happened to my pets?I had a lot of pets and playing pets now most are ghost pets?What the ***** is going on here?Wheres all my money and what kind of scammer deal is this?

by katunarexico on ‎06-18-2013 01:26 PM

Hello everyone. I need information about how to reinstate a delete profile and what is the procedure for that?

by katunarexico on ‎06-18-2013 01:29 PM

For example, a person deleted his profile and now he wants to restore it. So, is it possible to restore a profile and if it is possible, how it should be done?

by kattoy on ‎07-26-2013 12:21 PM

If Ghost Pets are deleted???

Why do some show current activity and are purchasing others???

by christinanbubba on ‎11-07-2013 11:29 AM

I am totally against letting people reinstate their tagged account, it is bad enuf with these Ghost profiles now we don't know if they are gonna come bac to life or not not fair @ all

by One-Hit Wonder Romantic_Won on ‎11-09-2013 02:23 PM

Yikes, guess that's gonna cost me BIG time...  I joined right before Halloween and being born on the Day of the Dead myself, I launched right in to try and play the Ghost market...  {Sigh/Grin}

by JamesKirkD on ‎11-21-2013 06:24 PM

Lmao Romantic,  sorry to hear about your misunderstanding of Ghost Pets, but was funny as was something I might have done too,. In similar situation.


Actually at least Ghost Pets KEEP your asset rating.  Yeah, chance of anyone buying it is near zero, but it still counts as asset ranking, and a body in owned pets far as log in bonus.   So the ghost pet function was a GOOD thing.   I ONCE got a message that I had some ghost pets in my possession long enough that Tagged DID reimburse the value price to me. Now it's been a long time and they haven't done that again, but maybe they will.  But it beats having a profile get deleted and all the money go POOF, like before. I.E..  Still got value as an asset for rankings AND counts as a body for log in bonus.   Currently IF you have 250 or more pets, each time you log out and back after a SOLID 4 hours you get 100Q bonus money.  Under 250 it drops ( like 249) down to 50Q so a steep drop, and I'm sure continues down way lower so I don't know why more pet players don't keep a stable pet force higher for that free cash bonus.  Makes sure too that each day at least 5 of your pets get bought so can rebuy them for the 5 pet per day bonus cash too!  Just keep a lot of cheap pets besides the few " high roller pets" to make money off of.    OH and biggest protection from GETTING a pet turned into a GHOST pet is DON'T be stupid and BUY scammer profiles LOL!  I turn them in myself LOL and of course they gonna be deleted!   AND id say its risky too, to buy SECONDARY accts of hard core pet players too, they tend to delete them and restart, so make money buying their own secondary's back.  Fake sexy photos of obviously NOT the real owner of profile, YEAH sell good, but they also are at big risk to be deleted in your possession and turned into a lame duck Ghost that ties up your money.   IF you're like me however and like to mostly own your friends pics as pets, just because it gets bought off you and the new owner is now a ghost ( which proves my theory of secondary pet player accts, being deleted) it's no biggie to rebuy it back, less chance it be taken away from you too!  Long as that friends pic doesn't tie up too much of your cash.  That's the secret DON'T spend too much of your liquid cash on ANY one or two pics, cuz if get ghosted THEN your ability to buy and resell becomes hampered then.  DIVERSIFY  like in stock market!

by ambiquad on ‎12-09-2013 04:12 AM

How can a ghost pet purchase pets? I have been bought twice in the past 2 days.

by garibaldi2010 on ‎02-06-2014 10:47 AM

I am a little upset . My pet  become a scary Ghost pet#951478.His value was S121.539.851 He was not only a pet , he  was my best friend and he hade nothing on his profile to be deleted . Which i trully find strange that one day we playing pets and the other day he does not exist . Howe can i asking Tagged Administrator to review this profile with a view of re-instating my friend . Anyone can help me pls i will be deeply grateful..thanks

by bboybambino_x on ‎03-08-2014 05:39 PM

This is stupid. They need to fix this. Why buy gold if pets can become ghost pets and you cant recoup your money? 

by socklo on ‎03-12-2014 06:27 PM

This is not fair, I bought a pet and you make it ghost petsand I lost $21,860,010 S this is theyr id 6005811593, please reainstate or give me back my cash.

by jjstar on ‎04-09-2014 02:33 AM

i have been here for a few months, do not understand the benefit of playing apart from maybe meet friends. but why does anyone pay real money to buy gold, you must be bonkers.

by raiven13 on ‎04-10-2014 10:43 AM

Explain this... I had a ghost pet not high value so I set it free.. was looking at a profile and in their activity it showed me setting them free... this was an active pet not a ghost pet owned by my owner ... how could they be owned and active for one person but be a ghost pet on my wall? That makes no sense at all... 

by KuhnSteveO on ‎05-29-2014 04:10 PM

I too have many ghost pets, worth tens of millions.


What is their true value now and in the future?


Is there any way of getting them purchased, ie., is there a monthly sweep?

by l3ft6y on ‎09-09-2014 01:03 PM

whats the point in playing when ghost pets/pests can take your money,best think to do is quit tagged....agreed

by l3ft6y on ‎09-09-2014 01:05 PM

lets all be real,its only a stupid game for bored ppl,so what the hell.....think i'll quit all the crap.


by cartns01 on ‎09-29-2014 05:52 PM

How can an owner buy you if he or she already owns you?

by rickabuagas on ‎12-12-2014 02:35 AM

As far I know I been on by ghost pets before and for me is only an game 

Be real here is only game guys have great pets gamers player 

by sasouf230351 on ‎05-26-2015 09:54 AM

It is really crasy .. for years we continue our discussions about a subject such as Ghost Pets and Tagged Team do not pay any attention or even do something to find a solution .. disappionting and boring ..Smiley Mad