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Pets Game - No Buy "PADLOCK"

Status: Under Consideration
by Dewey Decimal boxingkitty ‎04-03-2012 01:36 PM - edited ‎07-11-2012 02:11 PM

many pets players are happy with their owners and/or situation and banner up as "no buy" pets to avoid being taken out of these situations... the reasons are various but usually because good friends wish to stay together... there is currently no method a player can have limited and mutual agreed protection against other players who wish to split up these arrangements.. in the etiquette of the game buying a "no buy" pet is considered harassment


A solution would be to put a "NO BUY PETS PADLOCK" on our pet pages to prevent these potential harassments / bullying... put a padlock icon.... open and closed... when a pet AND it's owner BOTH mutally agree and click on the lock icon then the pet becomes "unavailable" to sell and it's buy button is dimmed.... something along these lines would make a real difference in player satisfaction with the game... all other issues and contraversies aside... it would give players some limited control over their ownership and prevent pets game harassment... not only is it an easy thing to do... it is the RIGHT thing to do..


how hard is it to get tagged to pay any attention to our repeated request for this feature.. why is that?


each pet would have a lil padlock icon.. or something similar... on it's page next to the pic somewhere... it has two positions... open and closed.... when it is open... that means that pet is AVAILABLE for sale.... period.... when it is closed... that means BOTH the owner and the pet have clicked on the icon to indicate the pet is LOCKED / UNAVAILABLE...


it takes a MUTUAL agreement between both pet and owner to activate the NO BUY padlock... once activated... EITHER ONE of the owner - pet pair can UNLOCK the pet by clicking the icon again... two in agreement can lock it and it takes BOTH OWNER AND PET TO DO THAT... to deactivate the palock... it only takes ONE... EITHER the owner or the pet to unlock it....


the programming construct is far simpler than most any other feature on the pet page... it's a simple logical field insertion...





easiest thing in the world to do... easier than instant grits... we are talking minor minor stuff that a decent coder could knock out in a couple hours here ppl.... it would make a HUGE diff in the game...


1) no more puttin "no buy" in banners... so there is more room for other stuff

2) ppl can tell right away whether it's a for real "no buy" situation or something else

3) no more rewarding no buy snatchers to harass other pet players

4) allows responsible player control over alternates

5) keeps profiles "married up" in a worry free environment


7) keeps newbs and stoopid people from making the worst play in the game

8) adds to the fame and fortune of boxing kitty as a problem solver


ok.. forget 1-7... just do it for number 8


UPDATE 4/17 = i'm going to keep adding more thoughts to this thread as time passes... during the the time this thread has "under consideration" status... more thoughts for tagged and all to consider....


One of the best ways for Tagged to increase its revenues is to sell gold to it's users... gold that can be converted to pet cash... and help a player clean up mistakes or increase value and standing in the game... whether you are a pets game purist and think it a short cut or not... (same is true with other games where gold can be converted).... it is tagged's right as a business to conduct business as they see fit... and selling cyber gold is a money maker... it's just the way it is...


So one might think Tagged would be interested in allowing users a way to increase the security of the profiles in which they could invest.... a player would almost CERTAINLY feel more CONFIDENT about purchasing gold and converting it to pet cash IF they had some way to know that his/her profile were protected by a NO BUY PADLOCK... as normally the case when a pet is bought in violation of no buy.. there results a lot of anger... frustration... and in most cases... a profile is abandonned or "DUMPED" in retaliation to the NO BUY VIOLATION...


I for one have ZERO interest in buying gold to build a profile knowing i have ZERO chance to protect and preserve when i have it placed with a friend or a good owner... i am sure there are others who would INVEST MORE WITH GOLD AND DO SO WITH CONFIDENCE were we given something as simple as this modest level of protection...


So not only is the NO BUY PETS PADLOCK a simple and easy mechanism to put in place... it would also end a lot of drama and needless hassles... close the window of opportunity for online harassment (we can block a user with privacy settings but not from buying our profiles in pets game... leaving that vulnerability open is like putting a screen door on a submarine)... AND it would be good for Tagged's profitablity by encouraging people to invest MORE in their profiles....(tagged can do this by BUILDING SECURITY AND VALUE into the profiles obviously)


From any and all perspectives... the NO BUY PETS PADLOCK is a win for everyone


Update 4-25-12


well it has happened to your old pal BK.... after being split up from my GF and pets game partner 8 times in the last 5 months... i've decided the ongoing hassle just isn't worth it and will be withdrawing my primary profile from the pets game... after playing pets daily going on 3 years... it will seem odd.... and sure i'm just a little player in the grand scheme of things.... maybe one has to be 100 times my value to gain anyone's attention to the NO BUY PADLOCK idea... i've no delusions there... and yet i wonder... how many other members of tugged have withdrawn / opted out / abandonned profiles due to a hostile take over?...


in my case there is no doubt.. the person behind the chain pets and splitting up our married profiles has a long sad history on tagged for harassment, issuing threats and using pets game to intimidate... it's a shame that a friendly game can be abused by a few for such purposes.. this fellow has been deleted by tagged in the past and somehow always manages to get re-instated.... go figure


if i were a tagged admin or a programmer and responsible for creating a fun and friendly environment for this SOCIAL networking game...  it would be a high priority to build in simple safe guards that prevent online cyber bullying.... if i were a suit in tagged's management structure... i would look to find ways to increase profitability and drive a design the ENCOURAGES investment in member profiles... more visits, more ad hits, more gold sales, etc... the NO BUY PETS PADLOCK just makes good business sense from all perspectives.. you'd think business savvy execs would see this simple solution incorporated ASAP... 


if nothing else... the NO BUY PETS PADLOCK could also limit tagged's exposure to liability from being named co-defendant in any type of civil suit over cyber-bullying as a result of negligence... negligent means being aware that you've created a condition or environment that is conducive to unlawful or harmful activity, being aware that such coniditions exist and then failing to effect a rememdy... just FYI... new laws around this issue are being written every day... and if i were a big wheel at tagged... i'd be paying better attention and taking prompt action to limit this exposure to potential litigation.... especially since Pets Game is tagged's number one product


Update 6-3-2012


i've read over some of the comments posted... and i do appreciate what ppl are saying even though they may not agree.... so i'll respectfully respond to a couple of them ... i think the two biggest objections to the padlock idea are as follows....


1) one player wrote..."the object of the game is to buy and sell pets.. a padlock would be an impediment to that...."

response = if you as a pet or an owner do not wish to be or own "No Buy" pets... then the padlock would not change how you wish to play... it is an OPTION available to players that would require BOTH the owner and the pet's consent before the padlock is set... therefore if you do not wish to keep a pet then you simply do not set the padlock... same if you are an owned pet... other players can buy and sell as usual.... the padlock would only be activated by mutual consent... after those that wish do so activate the padlock... there still would be no shortage of good pets to buy and sell... simply having the option wouldn't change anyone's game except for people who buy "no buy" pets as a habit


2) another pets player wrote .. " I make it a point to buy "no buy" pets because i know they will be bought back and i make a quick profit"....


response = i cannot caution new players enough against adopting this strategy... it may work sometimes but the odds are against you... many more times than not you will be stuck with an abandonned pet that will drain its cash and migrate to a different profile.. it's a good way to throw away your pet cash... true... there are no "official" rulles against buying a "no buy" pet and there is no mechanism in the game to prevent that..... however it is consdiered in the etiquette of the game to be a "hostile" action which violates the wishes of the pet and it's owner... it's a matter of respect... when a player snatches a "no buy" pet.. there is no obligation for the person to play or maintain that profile any longer... for this reason it is not the wisest of strategies to employ... the end result is usually making people mad / causing drama...


snatching of no buy pets usually forces someone to abandon a profile that they have enjoyed and developed over time (years in some cases)... and it is a HUGE hassle for the NO BUY pet to move friends, other content, etc... not to mention that the profile loses wishers and position in other games they may be playing... snatching a "no buy" pet is the most disruptive play one can make in the game... it is received badly 99.9 percent of the time and will not make one many friends in the game that way...


some commenters have said "i buy "nobuy" pets on purpose"... but in fairness what these commenters are NOT saying is they know it's an extremely risky manuever with really no genuine desire to OWN the pet they are buying... rather they are looking for quck profit from a buy back.... this is why our "nobuy" pets wind up in dumps and on pets with insulting pics and banners, etc..... the violators of "no buy" do so usually because they know it's a big risk, utterly disruptive and rarely keep the "no buy" pet onto their primary pet page..... worse yet and often... the buyer of a no buy pet begins a campaign of bullying and treats against the pet if it does not play, if the original owner does not buy back or otherwise get sold.....  if this is not how harrassment in pets game is conducted then i don't know what is...


one thing that i'm hoping TAGGED and pets players will understand is that our pet is just part of the larger profile... we have worked not only to build our pet page but our status/ranking in other games as well... we have customized our profiles and put work into building friends lists and other content.... in other words... our profiles are VALUABLE to us and tagged should help us protect that which we value... when a player snatches a no buy pet.. sometimes years of work and development go down the drain in an instant... just two clicks by someone else can make a valuable profile worthless to it's owner...


tagged should give us some way to prevent that kind of damage


Update 6-11-12


i'm reading the comments and i appreciate the support.. if nothing else i hope this thread will educate others about the whole "NO BUY" concept.... there are lots of good reasons why a player would not want to have others take the pets from their page... sometimes it's a pet that is won in a key race... sometimes it's a "stacker"... sometimes and prolly most the time its a friend.... but if this thread can at least save botht the owners and buyers of "NO BUY" pets from some unnecessary drama... then i'll take what victory i can from keeping this convo going...


and i'm not blasting or flaming any one for being honest and expressing their opinion... that is what makes the discussion more valuable and meaningful.... so please bear that in mind when you read thru comments...


one other theme that runs thru the dissenting opinion...ppl are saying "ok.. if you don't want to be bought then instead of "no buy" .... you should just "opt out"... i can see where ppl think that all is fair game... and perhaps without official "rules" and a padlock mechanism... for the time being... opting out would be one way to tell other players "do not buy me"... right?... i get it.... however...i think the idea here is to ENCOURAGE ppl to play pets in a way that is fun and enjoyable... is it not better to bring people INTO the game rather than driving them OUT of the game?... buying a no buy pet tends to have the later causes people to leave the game or at least to abandon the jacked profile / pet... that's not what any of us want i don't think.. including tagged...


on the other hand... i should mention in all of this... that if one takes the time to talk to ppl you see on the playground... make friends and enjoy a social networking game together... that IF YOU ASK b4 you buy... some NO BUY pets will be the best pets you'll own... most long time players would agree they just want some small degree of control... it's a good fit when the player and owner have a mutual desire to be in the arrangement... and yes... ppl do have to be raised which requires ppl to trade and flip pets...


so here's a tip from your ole pal BK... make friends and ask first.... you'll find most pets players are a good lot for the most part... but about the fastest way i know to get on ppl's bad sides is to snatch their "no buy" pets without some previous arrangement... 


it's a social networking game most of all... play nice... be good company... that's the best advice i can give ya...


UPDATE 6-13-12


was talking to a friend who does not play pets... she had opted out as many have suggested a player do... and yet even though she had opted out of pets game... as soon as she comes online then pets players buy her and flip her anyway... she has told me she has no interest in playing pets game ... finds it "distasteful" that ppl put values on others... and does not appreciate the hostility she's encountered from ppl that expect to her play pets game since they have bought her...... in other words.... opting out does not always work.... and ok... i explain to her that it is just a game... like trading baseball cards at one level and not take things personally... but here's an interesting angle on why we need the NO BUY PETS PADLOCK... i'm sure there are other members of tagged / hi5 who have no interest and would rather NOT be involved at all...


another friend and posters here have commented about winning k pets and owning non-playing profiles which are bannered "no buy" and are set free from their owners once they have built enough pet cash to do so... these profiles are obviously ownerless... bannered no buy... there is no intent to maintain or play them as a normal profile... and yet other players still buy them and expect a response and the pet to be maintained so it will sell...


therefore another option with the NO BUY PADLOCK would be if a pet is OWNERLESS for whatever reason.. either a set free has occured... an owner quits the game and ghosts... whatever... if a pet is ownerless then it could set the Padlock to lock it in as a "no buy"... any attempt to buy the pet/profile at that point would return a "Pet is unavailable for sale" condition...


this would make sure that members with no desire to play pets and that repsonsible players have a way to set a profile so that it cannot be "pulled" back into the game again...


if you really consider all the reasons for the PADLOCK... i'm hoping everyone will see how useful this feature could be and benefit everyone


UPDATE 6-14-2012


just had a lil thought to throw in here.... i see pet players all the time saying "i show up everyday... i play well and buy pets.. i have good numbers in value, cash and assets.... and still.. no one will buy and raise me".... right?...


i wonder how many players like that would be helped if more established players were not required to re-invest all the profit in buiding their own profiles because as it is now... the only defense against being snatched by a "NO BUY" pet buyer is to raise your value to such an amount that it's prohibitive... and in some cases... even not then...  the padlock would be one thing that allows ppl to concentrate on helping others up in the game rather than always having to play on the defense.... does that make sense?...


FURTHER UPDATES AND EXPLORATION OF OP CAN BE FOUND IN THREAD COMMENTS due to size limitations in the TOPIC / OP ...Please read on and add your KUDO if you agree... thanks

by Dewey Decimal suzyQ on ‎04-03-2012 03:45 PM

I agree 100%  there are a lot of foul no good rude people on here ,.,and its something needed. 

by leonard47 on ‎04-03-2012 04:16 PM

what do you think about this guy here who send me toose messages


Tagged classifies harrassment as buy a pet 3 times , so behave or I will report you!!!
3 times in a day now I report you to tagged is not a free lunch boy
Keep Shanna I will tell her to delete and start again!!
|Better still she will opt out and never be saleable, get it?
I am seting u free as u will be ghosted after the report, haha!!
is this sik or what?
by curly on ‎04-03-2012 08:56 PM

great post boxing kitty pets is a game where most players trade there friends between there friends but U have a few pepole who like 2 only buy steal pets that are close friends 2 someone and that they like 2 own and the person likes them owning them its ok 4 them 2 do it but buy one of there pets that they like and they get mad its sad 

by fog on ‎04-04-2012 08:53 AM

tag  has made gold so cheep . its there for whom ever to use as they wish . And in these days its not been good on here at all ..  Many of us have married our own profiles together and raise ourselves , and when some comes along the mess it up cost us to buy or work our bums off  to get back together . esp if its a real married couple or just very close ,  the bulling is out of hand , So much bad has come out of gold being cheep .  Tons of players post dalily about being mistreated taken from there iowners they want to stay with .   i suppot  block ,   i hope others would , cause it will get to the point werr people will leave and all tag will be is a place of bulling and not good elements

by One-Hit Wonder Belz on ‎04-04-2012 09:05 AM

I agree with this idea 100%  Taggeds answer will be that buying pets is the purpose of the game, and no buy was created by the players not them. What they fail to take into consideration is that sexual harassment, threats, bullying is what has made many of us be no buys.  The current game is more runs than it is pet buying, the ONLY reason to buy no buys is pure greed and harassment, and that wasn't the intent of the game either. 

JUST like they had to adjust and incorporate the key runs as part of the game, they need to listen to the players who choose to be no buy, and many spend large $s on their profiles, and give us a way to stay where we choose.  There are surely enough pets who are not no buy, to keep the game going.  The lock would drastically cut down on the fighting and amount of complaints that they get, there is no down side to giving us a pad lock. 

by Dewey Decimal suzyQ on ‎04-04-2012 10:18 AM

the only pet buying going on is the ripping a part players who spend money to move up, with  there friends.   Or pulling apart couples .. And many times i myself have had bad expeances with those people . There have been teams made called no buy pet buyers teams ,, a few of them. there sole porpose is to buy the no buys ovder flipo them dump them etc .  Some of the messages over time i have got , was they did not care , gold is cheep who cares they say .... Well tag you offer it ..   this was never a big issue way before you started offfering it ,.. But the site has so many issues , why not fix one that works for the good huh .    lets us lock together ,.   

by Linda2361 on ‎04-04-2012 10:46 AM

Well I like the idea BK..I buy pets on my accounts everyday as it is the mainly how I make my cash. Mostly due to the fact that I'm a coldclicker and find it extremely hard to get hits in the key runs anymore due to others using programs and macros. ..But that's another story..I have no problem with people wanting to be no buys. I realize the idea of the game is to buy and sell but if someone wants to stay with their current owner for a reason, then it certainly isn't my business to mess with that.  There are plenty of other pets out there to buy.  So lets hope Tagged gives this idea of yours some merit and runs with it Smiley Happy

by maria11makrh on ‎04-04-2012 02:02 PM

i cant see my pets ...can you fix my problem please

by gulwaseem33 on ‎04-04-2012 03:53 PM

i am having a hard time getting paid for signing into tagged it has been 11 hours and i have not been paid yet..could you tell me why

by aopiyarkerain on ‎04-04-2012 05:12 PM

dear sir

i m only intrested in ur in pets game

i don;t no why my pets game is not working today;

so plz concider this n open 4 playing my pets game 2 mee

 thnx 4 ur great co operation

by Dewey Decimal suzyQ on ‎04-04-2012 05:58 PM

lot of people don't want to be owned by just anyone ,, lots of people like me who have been a member for a long long time .. years ,..we are the ones that pay the bills .  protect us from what you created ., 


tag is full of a lot of not good ,, i have been teated bad by people who are rude bullish , and they buy lots of gold and just buy u and flip u like crazy  then dump u ,,,   many the don't buy gold play hours to make up for all that .  i have close friends i play with , i wish to stay put and play with them ,, 

by mjaved_jawad on ‎04-04-2012 08:48 PM

Dear. sir/Madam.
since last night i face the problem in tagged pets game page, not open proper like before. so please give me advise. i am looking your early reply.

by mridha1952 on ‎04-04-2012 10:47 PM

I can not buy pet. I can not enter the brouse pet

by riad1000a on ‎04-05-2012 01:48 AM

i caanot open my pet pag so i cannot buy or sellpets please take action tell enable me to open my pet page

i will apprecate argent action from tagged steam


by dove_lwb2005 on ‎04-05-2012 11:52 AM

 i cannot open the pets.??? how can i buy ?? pls have some consederation to get it back.

i dont like this

by Q_Babz on ‎04-05-2012 03:08 PM

Kudo'd BK.



padlock is a great idea. 

we work to get where we are, and usually with the help of our owners. (as we prefer to stay with them a long time)


Its nice to feel comfortable , to feel you have a home on the page you are on.

It would also cut down on being thrown in a dump. as some of us have experienced more then once. Not because we have done anything wrong, but only cuz we have 'irked' someone. <<Lame!!!!



i would love this feature.!!!

all for it. 


by Q_Babz on ‎04-05-2012 03:10 PM

Oh and WHY are people posting totally RANDOM and UNRELATED topics in here!!


Are you all too lazy to look elsewhere?

Or can you not read that this is not the place to post that crap!!


Stick to the topic named above or don't post at all.




Woman Frustrated

by Super Sorter Aanta on ‎04-06-2012 01:15 PM
Hello boxingkitty. This is a very good addition you suggest, so I can only say. 'Hear hear!'. =)
by STEPTOE79 on ‎04-07-2012 09:14 AM


by pepone on ‎04-07-2012 11:53 AM

I have a question then see everything as I power terner access again to pet I am a regular player

by Crita on ‎04-08-2012 05:26 AM

Tagged can you please explain why it costs me $250.00 NZ Dollars ($204.05 USD) to buy 200 000 gold, when it only costs $100.00 USD to buy the same amount if you live in the US... this equates to being charged 104% more than United states members.. payments are made through paypal, using creditcards, which no matter where in the world you are paying from, costs no more as they are electronic transactions, so it cost no more to make the payment from San fransisco or timbuktoo...

All this is telling me and fellow members is you are not wanting members outside of the United States to buy gold, im a VIP member as well and feel this is not right


Would love to here from other members and have their opinions as well

by corvettechris on ‎04-09-2012 07:59 PM







by Dewey Decimal boxingkitty on ‎04-11-2012 07:39 AM

to corvette chris... you forgot to add that Santa Claus is allergic to pets game... the reaction to it makes him crazy and do odd things to reindeer... many of you might be curious what odd things can be done to reindeer but that is a different thread over on the cafe' board

by One-Hit Wonder littlekat on ‎04-11-2012 08:01 AM

Let's do the padlock!!

But ... there needs to be an option in case your married partner is deleted or leaves the game for some reason (death or otherwise) <------sorry but it happens to our friends online and sometimes we just never know what happened to our friend ....but we need to be able to move on to another owner of our choice??? Just an idea to ponder......

by Dewey Decimal boxingkitty on ‎04-11-2012 02:21 PM

well to put it short and sweet....


for the pets game "NO BUY PADLOCK" to be activated.... BOTH the pet and the owner must be in agreement which they demonstrate by BOTH clicking the NO BUY PADLOCK option... it takes BOTH of them to ACTIVATE the lock and the lil icon would changed from open to closed... the buy button of the pet now protected would dim or change to "this pet is unavailable for sale"... or something along that line


to UNLOCK the NO BUY PET PADLOCK... it only takes EITHER the owner or the pet to unlock it... so if something happens to the owner or the pet... either one can de-activate the lock...


in other words... it takes two people to set the lock.... it only takes one person to unlock it